During this crazy and hectic time of quarantining and social distancing, it is more crucial than ever to stay balanced and active in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle and mindset. With all of the buzz of the outside world and the non-stop social media noise, your alone time may be more precious than ever to reset, refresh, and refocus your mind. With yoga & meditation, you can find your inner peace in what may seem like the craziest of times. Get excited about throwing on some bright & energetic yoga leggings or a fun fresh active top! Look forward to this personal slot of time to get active, get energized and feel as wholesome as ever!

Forget the stay at home blues, this designed for yoga outfit will have you ready for some serious “me time”. With a light and comforting fit, this relaxed tank and buttery soft fabric leggings will allow you to tap into your zen during your days at home quarantining.

Lululemon leggings $98

Lululemon tank $38

Get into a healthy head space in this light, flowy cashmere wrap that will be perfect to get into your daily meditation routine. Keep the comfort and flow going from head to toe with these flare yoga pants! You’ll look better, feel better, and make for productive self-growth at home!

J Crew Cashmere Wrap $198

Athleta Pant $98

Feel trendy and ready to be present in your active life with these adorable heathered black leggings paired with this cutting edge sculpt tank. You’ll feel perfectly put together and excited to get fit even if it’s just a stay at home yoga session!

Lululemon leggings $98

Lululemon tank $58

Maintaining that healthy lifestyle could simply just mean setting a side a few minutes each day to stretch, meditate and recenter some good energy. We love the earthy and chill vibe of these pink abstract leggings paired with this wrap sweatshirt for a comforting and peaceful touch for the day.

Athleta Leggings $89

Athleta Wrap Sweatshirt $89

Self quarantine in ultimate style with these super comfy pocket tights and twist top that will have you feeling like your in your pajamas all day long. You’ll feel super motivated to get some fresh air and go for a walk or do some stretching out in the sun!

Athleta Leggings $98

Athleta Top $59

To keep up your everyday active lifestyle, you’ll need the perfect legging & sweatshirt combo to take you from lounging to workout. This super soft sweatshirt is easy to layer at home and perfect to throw on after a quick home workout for a cozy meditation session.

Athleta Leggings $54.99

Athleta Sweatshirt $69

Throw on this adorable fit and you’ll instantly be in the mood to get up and start your day with a refreshing and rejuvenating yoga workout! Whatever poses your hitting or stretches your practicing, these supportive and sculpting leggings will motivate you to achieve any at home fitness goals during this time!

Athleta Leggings $108

Athleta Top $69

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