It’s finally starting to get warmth enough to host friends over for cocktail hour outside or serve a fun family dinner on the patio! We love this time of year and know you are excited too to get outside and enjoy some quality time with loved ones. Whatever your outdoor space may look like; whether its a patio or a deck, we have all the must-have items you need to elevate your space and enjoy the sunshine. From decorative pillows to illuminating outdoor lights, there are so many little updates you can make to spruce up your patio and relax this spring! We know your guests will love these chic additions and the best part is – they are so affordable! Here are 7 must-have items to make for great memories and great times in your outdoor space this coming spring!

1. Decorative Pillows

Take outdoor comfort to the next level and do it in style but jazzing up your outdoor space with some fabulous decorative pillows! Whether for outdoor chairs, benches, or couches, these pillows are sure to lighten the energy and make your outdoor patio perfectly cozy and chic for guests this season!

2. Outdoor Speaker

An outdoor speaker is an absolute spring necessity when it comes to lounging outdoors, having drinks with friends on the patio, or just sunbathing with a good book. Play some music, listen to podcasts, or listen to the news as you enjoy the outdoor sunshine with this fun necessity. We know it will make for an elevated experience outdoors.

3. Solo Stove

Smokeless firepits are the ultimate hype this season, especially for those who love to spend early evenings outside on the patio. If it gets a little chilly, just fire up the stove for a cozy night outside enjoying cocktail hour and relaxing. We love the solo stove because it is effortless to use and will fit perfectly in any outdoor patio space. This will be an addition to your patio for fun, smores, and great gatherings!

4. Outdoor Grill

If you don’t have an outdoor grill already, you are truly missing out. Cookouts and barbecues are the best way to bring the family together outdoors during the warmer seasons ahead. Whether its a holiday weekend party or just a burger night with the family, outdoor grills will be the ultimate necessity for a great meal and a great time on your outdoor patio!

5. Outdoor Lights

Lighting is a fun and creative (and affordable) way to spruce up any type of outdoor space you have! Bring good energy and a trendy look to your outdoor space with illuminating lights so that your guests can enjoy the outdoors well into the night. We love the look of outdoor lights for more intimate gatherings and hosting guests at night. Enjoy some drinks under the lights and kick back for a wonderful night with this fabulous accessory!

6. Outdoor Cooler

An outdoor cooler is a cool and trendy way to serve your guests cold drink all day long with no stress! We love these coolers because they feature a chic and upscale look, however they are so practical for spending the day outside on the patio. Sodas, beers, wines, seltzers? You name it! Keep all your favorite beverages cool with this awesome essential.

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7. Mosquito Repellant Candle

There is nothing more annoying than those pesky mosquitoes that can really ruin a great time outside; especially at night! We know you want to be enjoying your outdoor space as much as possible, that’s why we are excited to share these mosquito repellant candles with you! Don’t let bugs ruin your quality time outside. Invest in these candles for blissful and unbothered gatherings on your patio this season!

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