BA50 women love to stay plugged in and current. We like to tune in to women whose voices and actions reflect what is happening in the world today — women who are making a difference–whether it is in politics, fashion, health, human rights or culture.  We have a nose for what is authentic and real and that’s why we wanted to highlight a few great women whose characters are so unquestionably defined, that we smile with adoration when we think of them.

We put together this list of BA50’s 7 Iconic Women spanning these topics. These are women you may want to follow on Twitter, Facebook, the newsstand, or wherever you can find them in the world. This list is just a beginning. We know this could go on forever as there is no shortage today of amazing women we adore who are speaking out and making a difference.

Please feel free to share this list with your friends and to recommend additional women to follow in our comments section below.


Meryl StreepWhy are we so fascinated with Meryl? Is it just because she’s one of the most talented actresses ever? Is it that she feels so authentic and natural? (She says she’s never had any plastic surgery- and we choose to believe that.) What could be better than a rainy weekend movie marathon starting with Kramer vs. Kramer, Sophie’s Choice,  and Deer Hunter,  and ending with Julia and Iron Lady?  Add a bowl of popcorn and we’d be so down with that.

Did you know she gave all her money from the film Iron Lady to the National Women’s History Museum?

Meryl Streep understands that it is impossible to look 30 when you’re 50. She’s all about coming to terms with aging. She’s charming, attractive and a model for embracing the years ahead gracefully. You can follow her on Twitter at @officialMStreep or check out her amazing photos on


Hillary ClintonWhat hasn’t already been said about Hillary — she’s so well-known that she could drop the Rodham and the Clinton and we’d still know who you’re talking about. She’s gone viral and women who care about women and the world should be tuned in to a few of her social media outlets.  In case you missed it, check out:

It’s not so easy to stay in touch with Hillary right now – there are a lot of “Hillary imposters” on Twitter so we have to be patient.

Just so you know Hillary, no rush to announce what’s next for you, we know you’re pooped after your globe-straddling — Rest up, Hillary because we’re ready when you are.


Hawa AbdiDescribed as “one part Mother Theresa, one part Rambo,” she is a Human Rights activist and physician who was nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. She saves lives.

We love this woman, and you will too if you don’t know her already. Born to a wealthy family in Mogadishu, Somalia, she became a medical doctor and then received a law degree.  Dr. Abdi became one of the first OB/GYNs in her country. Her life is all about giving back to women. She sold all her personal possessions and built a hospital and a school on her land. Selfless and dedicated.

Dr. Abdi’s life has been threatened by warlords, Somali pirates and terrorists who have tried to shut down her medical practice.  She has risked her life for her life’s mission to provide good healthcare for the poorest families who would never otherwise have been able to afford it.

Check out her facebook page at: and you can follow up on Twitter at: @DHAFoundation.


Diane von FurstenbergDaughter of a Holocaust survivor, Diane married a prince at age 18 (hence the “von” in Furstenberg).  Driven to be a career woman, she launched her fashion company at age 24 in 1970 and took the fashion world by storm with her iconic wrap dresses. Did you have one? We loved ours–and amazingly, we still do.

We love Diane von Furstenberg because she didn’t end up a spoiled princess. She worked hard, inspired by her mother’s words: “fear is not an option.” She takes a big stand on human rights and is a great philanthropist.  Follow her on twitter:  @DVF


Tina FeyWho says women can’t be funny?  We’re smiling just writing about Tina Fey. We discovered her 13 years ago on SNL’s Weekend Update (2,000) and we fell in love with her again as Sarah Palin.

Did you know she wrote Mean Girls in 2004?  Have you listened to her read her book Bossy Pants? Liz Lemon on 30 Rock is our hero because we know it’s really Tina. Talented, sexy, smart and oh so funny.  Tina Fey’s honesty hits home with us.   You’ve got to love someone who tells it like it is:  “..When people say, ‘You really, really must’ do something, it means you don’t really have to. No one ever says, ‘You really, really must deliver the baby during labor.’ When it’s true, it doesn’t need to be said.”

Tina Fey, Bossypants


Gail SheehyThirty years ago we all read Passages to help us better understand how to navigate our passage into adulthood. Now she is writing about caregiving.  We grew up and now are growing older with Gail Sheehy.  She is about 20 years older than most BA50s and she is life’s great instructor.

Gail actually turned her 17-year caregiving experience for her husband into a personal, instructive book chronicling her experiences and guiding (and teaching) the reader through their challenges. She now coaches audiences on how to caregive in a meaningful way.

Gail models for us how to live a full life when to the outside world it almost appears impossible.  Only Gail can turn the later years into a spiritual journey filled with lessons we can all learn from.

Twitter: @gail_sheehy


Madonna We are happy that Madonna, born in 1958,  is proud to be 50-something. There are not too many women who both your kids and you agree is both sexy and talented.

Madonna was a rebel from the get-go; lost her mom when she was five years old.  She defined herself as a kind of “Cinderella,” complete with an evil stepmom, and tossed away traditional clothing favoring her edgy, revealing “brand” of rebellion which she has stayed true to throughout.

Our jaws dropped as we watched her cross the line, cheering her on as she moved into the realm of scandalous. Madonna pushed boundaries…and still does.

Who liked her “cone bra?”  We did, and we weren’t the only ones–it sold for $77,000. Madonna gives us permission to just be who we are and not be afraid to “express ourselves” (but not on Twitter as she doesn’t even have an account).

But you can find her on FB where over 11 million fans love her.

Who are YOUR Favorite Iconic Women? Who Makes You Smile With Adoration?



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