You’ve made it to 2018 and now it’s time to bring your fitness goals to fruition. How can you make progress throughout the day when you’re glued to your computer, seat, or work duties alone for eight hours or more?

Follow these six simple tips to combat wellness roadblocks within your 9am to 5pm.

1. Manage your time.

Use your commute, lunch break, and bathroom breaks to your advantage. If you have the option, always take the stairs. Record your wellness goals in a journal or list things you’re grateful digitally in a note keeping app. Find a wellness podcast for motivation. Create an empowering playlist to help you crush your workout later today…or maybe you crushed it this morning already. Squeeze in a fitness routine in a nearby park during lunch or in an empty space in your building. Grab a pair of sneakers and walk up and down the stairs for thirty minutes! Do 20 squats or jumping jacks every time you use the restroom or simply walk in place to keep your heart rate up.

2. The more the merrier

Get to know some of your coworkers. Inspire friendly competition with a steps challenge. Invite your cubicle neighbor for a walk. Take a nearby spin class during your lunch break. Workout buddies help keep you accountable. Bring in fitness swag that can easily be stored away. Resistance bands and light kettlebells are perfect examples!

3. Make it rain motivation

Write some of your favorite wellness quotes on post-it notes so you’re inspired even when you feel bogged down. Purchase a calendar with themed affirmations for each month. Listen to upbeat music, fitness audio books, or a wellness podcast throughout the day.

4. Eat well and stay hydrated

Skip the unhealthy snacks in the vending machine and opt for fresh produce. Pack a nutritious lunch and healthy snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Drink water! Using the restroom is your right, who cares if you’ve gone more than once!

5. Breathe

Take occasional breaks in your day and connect with your breaths. Inhaling deeply through the nose, exhaling through the mouth, releasing any tension or negative energy. Find balance within yourself. Reflect on your approach. Make sure you don’t burn out. Search for your body’s equilibrium and use it become aware of when you should push and when you should rest.

6. Desk Aerobics

Find a simple chair yoga routine or a 30 second plank challenge to complete every hour. Buy a mini elliptical or exercise bike for under your desk. Use your standing desk and practice high knees. You might get some odd looks but in the end, you’ll have the results! You might also inspire others to do the same.

You will find success if you turn your negatives into positives. Always find a way. Remain confident and remember your why. Why are these goals important to you? This will keep your goals fresh in your mind and move you to make decisions that further your goals. If you skip a day or over indulge in your coworker’s birthday cake, so what. There is always tomorrow. The gift of opportunity will always be available to you if you look closely. Wishing you the best as you crush your wellness goals within your 9am to 5pm in 2018!

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