It’s not getting any warmer in the Northeast and frankly it’s a tad cool at night in Florida and Cali too. Looks like the spring bomber and leather jacket is the perfect transitional look according the fashion gurus. So, lose the wool and get the most use possible out of your bomber and short jacket.

Here’s some of my favorites.  I’ve posted them from most expensive to least…

  1. I love Veda. Their flagship store is on Mercer Street in NYC and it’s worth a visit but the on-line site is great too.

Veda has an incredible line for the over 50 crowd. They may not want to be “seen” that way, given the age of their models,  but take a look at their site and you will see some great stylin for us.

Here’s one of my favorite Leather Jackets, looks cool zipped up as well. Check it out here: spring look book 2017. Jacket just under $500.

2. And how soft and cozy is this pale pinky beige suede jacket that will easily take you from March through June.

Coolest looking leather jacket ever…

3. And here’s one more that I had to share because I can’t believe how lovely the detail is on this one.

These edging on this jacket is gorgeous.Gett

4.  At Topshop this quilted bomber jacket is great for spring nights and chilly baseball games now that football season is over. This seems like you can wear it everywhere (everywear) and it’s only $115.

Topshop under $200. Versatile and hip.

5.  At Bloomingdales, I found this green bomber jacket by Sanctuary for only $139. If spring green is your color this is an easy one to grab.

Sanctuary Bomber at Bloomindales $139.

6. A Navy Blue Leopard lined Bomber for $85 I found on the Nordstrom site. This one is truly the Bomb price-wise and look. What do you think?

Navy Bomber, Leopard lining and just $89. Love It!

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