Being older doesn’t have to be boring, does it? Before you resign yourself to a pair of slippers and a cup of cocoa, do yourself a favour and consider these six social activities to enjoy later in life…


  1. Bingo

Do you think bingo is something for older, fustier people with nothing better to do? It’s not! Did you know that many players are now aged 24 to 50 years old? The core benefits of bingo haven’t changed however, as you can see on the wink bingo blog. So why play? Well, aside from the socialising that accompanies a trip to the bingo hall, and the buzz of winning, a few regular games of bingo might really sharpen your memory: research suggests that bingo can reduce the effects of diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons.


  1. Grown up summer camps (really!)

Grown up summer camps are becoming a fashionable trend over in America, allowing older people to spend a period of time exploring a hobby, developing new skills and cultivating new friendships. The Wall Street Journal has a great article on up and coming grown up summer camps, from programmes inviting guests to wine tasting events during the summer to five days of ice skating lessons.


  1. Art, craft or DIY classes

Have you ever fancied learning how to wire a light or use watercolours? How about perfecting a life drawing class? Now’s the time to sign yourself up for a new passion, hone your skills and unearth a hidden talent. You’ll get to meet lots of creative, artistic people and perhaps even make a little money selling your work.

  1. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art, and it’s perfect for older people. This slow, graceful martial art is thought to be beneficial for people aged over 65 as it reduces stress, improves balance and mobility, aids arthritis and increases muscle strength in the legs. Tai Chi focuses on deep breathing and balance, and is a low-impact exercise so it doesn’t put much pressure on bones and joints. Why not see if there’s a class near you?


  1. Tour guiding

If you’ve become a bit of an expert on a subject, why not volunteer as a tour guide at a museum, gallery or place of historic interest? The National Trust have plenty of voluntary opportunities: you can sign up as a room guide in one of the Trust’s many houses, help conserve the coast and countryside, or turn your green-fingers to the gardens.


  1. Golf

Ever fancied a round of golf? Later life is a great time to start! An average round of golf sees players walk up to seven kilometres, which means that golfing is a great pastime for older people. You’ll enjoy some good conversation on the way round, meet people in the golfing bars, and if you’re lucky, get to tour some of the world’s best golf courses if health and money allow. We can think of worse things than spending a week on the green in Florida…



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