nudeYou don’t seriously think I am recommending that you head to the grocery store in the buff do you?

Damn right – that would just be butt ugly – pun intended. Read on for tips on how to infuse your look with just a bit of summer nudity and the benefits that go along with it.

The Top 6 Reasons To Go Nude

Nude Nails – Nude nails are a clean fresh look that elongates the fingers. The beauty of the nude tone is that it allows the nail bed to shine through. No need to layer it on thick, the sheerer, the better. Be sure to start and finish with a clear coat to lengthen the life of the polish. And stay away from the gel; let’s keep your nail beds healthy and happy to infinity and beyond. Long-term gel can create long-term damage.

nude lipsNude Lips – Want to look like a sexy bombshell? Then the nude lip is for you. Mind you, nude doesn’t mean naked here either. In order to achieve a natural glow you have to find a nude shade that balances your skin tone without making you look pale. Look for a smooth matte finish if you want your cat eyes to rock the show and your lips to be the back-up singer. Or look for a sheer gloss if you want to sport the Angelina Jolie pout. When choosing the shade, approach it the way you approach your foundation color, considering your skin color, hair color and even eye color.

nude jewelryNude Jewelry – The beauty of nude jewelry is that it goes with all the colors in your wardrobe, whether they are neutral or bright. It allows the clarity to shine through and can add sassy sparkle to frame your face. The nude jewelry also tends to be season-less, unlike a pop of coral for example, which would be more summer appropriate. The necklace shown would look good with a casual white linen shirt as well as a little black chemise.

nude braNude Bra – Seriously Victoria – we don’t all want to see your feathered bra! The bra is called underwear because it is meant to be under something and the true meaning of ‘under’ implies covered! The well-dressed woman should own bras in the 3 neutral colors – nude, white and black for the obvious reason of keeping them incognito. Lastly be sure you also own a racer-back bra for the summer cut-away tops – no visual straps allowed – that is definitely not part of the look! The best investment is a nude smooth cup T-shirt bra – allowing your blouse to steal the show!

nude hosieryNude Stockings – Okay I know – some of you wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of nylons, but yet again, there are others who wouldn’t be caught dead with naked legs. So let’s settle in the middle, make the best of the situation and pretend you are Kate Middleton who reigns supreme when it comes to nude stockings. Look for pantyhose that are as close to your natural skin tone as possible and steer clear of anything too shiny. Open-toed shoes and are a definite NO with hosiery. Either wear your closed toe nude pumps or invest in a toe-less stocking (pictured) as close to your skin tone as possible.

nude shoesNude shoes – These are a staple in any wardrobe. In fact if you had to commit to just one work shoe, it would be nude over black as it is the most versatile. Invest in a good comfortable pair and they will service you for years. And oh yes – they are the ultimate trick to elongating the leg and creating instant glam!

 These are a few actionable ‘nudity’ ideas to get you going. These tips, and at least a hundred more, are included in my recently published book Confidence Is Always In Style.

And remember – you are pretty! Need convincing? Let’s spend some time on the phone.    Complimentary Style Consult

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