If you want to update your look, add a little extra style to your outfit and look extra-stunning for that first date, office party, holiday party or special event – you’re in luck. It’s easier than you think to improve your style. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe, because a plain or otherwise boring outfit can be transformed with the help of a few beautiful accessories. How do you think some women look so captivating when they’re actually just wearing all black? The secret lies within statement jewelry, pretty belts, and gorgeous hair accessories. It’s amazing how much one accessory can change a plain outfit. This is great news for us ladies, especially since spicing up an outfit with an accessory is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new outfit. Here are 6 accessories that will instantly upgrade your outfit and effortlessly make you look like a million bucks:


  1. A Statement Necklace


Statement necklaces are trendy, colorful and add personality to any outfit. There are plenty of different types of statement necklaces to choose from. You could wear a sparkly peter pan collar necklace, or a gold fringe necklace, or a colorful beaded necklace. This one accessory in itself can spice up the most boring outfit. A plain knit sweater will suddenly look first-date appropriate – and you get to stay cozy!


  1. A Statement Ring


Why spend all that money getting your nails done, if you’re not going to invest in a gorgeous statement ring to go along with that pretty manicure? People will notice your hands, and they’ll notice what’s on your hands, too. Treat yourself and buy yourself a beautiful, fancy ring with some diamonds on it. You don’t have to be engaged to wear a diamond ring – plenty of women wear luxury statement jewelry to upgrade their outfits. It’s especially classy to match your nail color to the ring’s stone, or to match your dress to the color of the ring’s stone.


  1. Red High Heels


Red is a very sexy color, and when you wear a pair of red pumps with a plain outfit, those red shoes will really pop and make you look super fashionable. Red heels are a little bit edgy, and they transform any outfit from boring to captivating. Whether your dress is black, navy blue, white or grey – that pop of red will compliment your outfit perfectly. Bonus tip: wear some firey red lipstick to match and to tie the whole look together.


  1. Drop Earrings


Drop earrings can be delicate or more statement-style (picture oversized drop pearls, or fun tassle earrings.) Either way, they’re sure to be noticed and they instantly upgrade an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Save those plain gold studs for another day and upgrade your look with statement earrings, instead!


  1. A Beaded Headband or Hair Accessory


A beaded or embellished headband or hair accessory is another stunning accessory that people notice and one that nobody considers to be ‘plain’ or ‘boring’. Fancy headbands are underrated, and that means you don’t see a ton of people wearing them. Get yourself one with beautiful bead-work, gem stones or even something edgier such as a lace or leather headband. This adds that something extra to your outfit that you needed to feel extra beautiful.


  1. A Shiny Belt


A shiny belt will add a touch of glam to any plain outfit. For example, a gold Kamarband belt is a stunning Indian accessory that top fashion labels like Chanel and Versace are putting on their runway models. Gold and silver belts really stand out and look very classy, but black belts work too if they have gold accents or rhinestone embellishments on them. The best part is that a belt will accentuate your waist, flatter your silhouette and show off those amazing curves of yours.


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