I admit it. There is something super empowering about being in my 50’s! I am young enough to be, have, and do it all! Yet, I am old enough to have amassed a vast toolkit of strengths, nuances, and intelligence in which to reference and ignite all that I do! What a marriage! Somewhere at the crossroads of 5 decades of life experiences and bucket lists of challenges, lies the ability to create and carve out our one-of-a-kind legacy defined by 3 concepts.

I have identified the 3 Pillars of Legacy– keepsakes, footprints and moments– to clarify and explain the essential elements that form the foundation of becoming a legend in your own life! Everyone has the power to create legacy, yet not everyone flexes that muscle and steps into the spotlight.

I define the 3 Pillars of Legacy as follows:

Keepsakes are the treasures that you carry forward from all your years of living. Not to be confused with baggage you hold onto, or every aspect of your history, keepsakes are the really special elements of living that simply make you…YOU. These are your power tools. Footprints allow you to look ahead. What do you want your defining mark to be? Where are you most proud in your life, and what do you still want to accomplish? Footprints are your fast-forwarded goals. Moments are the sweet spot grounding you in today, and building momentum toward tomorrow. Moments challenge you to focus on what you can do now to evolve your keepsakes and to create your footprints. Your moments are your reflected in your personal growth; measurable by the actions you take. Moments are one of the only aspects of life that you can control. You have an open canvas each day and a fresh set of markers. What will you create? What will your legacy be?

Want to be a legend in your own lifetime?

Below are 50 ways to reinvent, refresh and renew the art of “being” at the mid-century mark. Most items on this list are actionable for anyone at any age, yet they will resonate and support mid-lifers in a meaningful way.

  1. Have a beginner’s mindset. Learning is a life-long commitment.
  2. Lose your expiration date and increase your energy and drive.
  3. Plan B should also have Plan C, D and F. No mistakes, only revised plans!
  4. Shrink to expand. Downsizing allows for capacity for growth.
  5. Get up, show up, and try.
  6. Act as if. As if you have what you want; as if you are the CEO of your life.
  7. Challenge fear and poke some serious holes in it.
  8. Translate no to what’s next… there is always a next…
  9. Play and experiment.
  10. Ask questions. Curiosity builds character and connection.
  11. Exhale what you think will happen.
  12. Inhale possibility and opportunity.
  13. Start something.
  14. End something.
  15. Unpack baggage to repack what you want.
  16. Make a home for yourself inside your head. Celebrate your thoughts.
  17. Make a home for yourself inside your heart. Celebrate self-love.
  18. Ask yourself, what can I do?
  19. Do it!
  20. Interview yourself. Would you hire YOU personally or professionally based on that?
  21. Practice gratitude with random acts of kindness.
  22. Manifest the unknown.
  23. Accept.
  24. Allow for serendipity.
  25. Give yourself permission. To do. To be. To try. To fail. To succeed.
  26. Say no. Then say yes to something you really want to do!
  27. Understand your currency. It changes as we age. What are you trading on?
  28. Know your worth. Priceless is possible.
  29. Redefine your personal values. They shift as you do.
  30. Seeking balance? Begin with your relationship to yourself.
  31. In a new job, back at work, retired, or in a new relationship? Think return-ship!
  32. Be visible by being memorable. Make a statement and have a voice.
  33. Execute on your great ideas. They have chosen you. Make them happen now.
  34. Shake it up! Try something in a different way, from a different vantage point.
  35. Engage your senses. Listen. See. Feel. Taste. Smell. Be in the “being.”
  36. Finish unfinished business. Cut out the excuses and tie up the ends.
  37. Nothing is as empowering as human interaction. Be a connector.
  38. Learn. Learn. Teach. What can you share? Where can you give back?
  39. Prioritize YOU. It’s your turn. Take it and run. What does that look and feel like?
  40. Be abundant not busy. Make time to have a life and then live that life.
  41. Endings are new beginnings. Edit the story and continue the book.
  42. Everything. Every single day.
  43. Get on the guest list in your own life. Make things happen. Show up for them.
  44. Your energy enters the room before you do. What do you want that energy to be?
  45. Creativity breeds change and transformation.
  46. Define success now. Based on that definition, what can you lean into and expand?
  47. Do the thing you always wanted to do! Freedom!
  48. Reference kindness. The call, the letter, the follow-up, the meeting…we know how!
  49. Challenge your mind. Seek intelligent conversations and fascinating people.
  50. Be the 50+-year-old version of you! Meet yourself where you are NOW! Celebrate!
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