woman sailor, looking out at the sea, oceanI often don’t know what to tell people when they ask, “how do you keep busy?” or “What do you do all day?” or “You must get an awful lot of reading done, right?“  People are surprised that it sometimes takes Mike and me six to eight hours to sail from one location to another, or that on occasion, we go for a day (or two or three) without seeing land at all.  I have often replied to those questions with “I don’t know,” or “I am not sure where the hours go,” or “you’d be surprised.”

So these past three weeks as we cruised Maine, I started to pay attention.

The simple answer is, “I sail.” Which, of course, is not a simple matter at all. Sure, sailing involves adjusting the sails for the wind, navigation, steering a course, avoiding other boats, figuring out the weather, monitoring channel 16, reading about the next anchorage in the sailing guide, and making something yummy for lunch, but it also involves hours and hours of simply looking out at the sea.

We look out at the ocean not just for obstacles (like lobster pots, of which there are way too many in Maine) and upcoming weather conditions (like fog, of which there is way too much in Maine), or gigantic oil tankers that can run you over like a bug on a windshield (luckily, these are few and far between), but for what I like to think of as the “frutti di mare” of sailing: dolphins, seals, sea turtles, and sometimes friends on other boats. There is actually nothing out there in that vast ocean that one should miss.

And so I spend a good many hours looking out, From my perch on the bow, from the seats in the stern, with my legs dangling over the side in calm waters, to the warmth and comfort of the cockpit, I look out at the sea. My mind wanders. I think some thoughts, most of which are kind of weird and funny, and not terribly profound (you decide).

Here are a few thoughts that I thunk this week:

  1. Did anyone use the word “bespoke” before 2017”? Bespoke surely will be nominated for the 2017 word of the year – it’s everywhere.  I’ll admit it, I had to Google the definition earlier this year, because what I thought it meant, was not what it actually meant.  Pay attention and you will see that everything is bespoke. Bespoke suits, bespoke glasses, bespoke web sites, bespoke companies, bespoke my ass…I’m getting sick of bespoke.
  2. If you are cold, put on a sweater and shut up.
  3. Two inspirational quotes I love, even though they could be found in a fortune cookie: “It is easy to have dreams. Hard to follow them.” and “Following your dreams doesn’t mean you won’t have an occasional nightmare.
  4. Plantar fasciitis is a pain in the ass as well as the heel. Being on a boat with limited mobility does not help the heel heal (ha).
  5. I should only play Words with Friends first thing in the morning when I am fresh, never at night. Actually, I probably should not be doing anything that requires brain function after 4PM. (You decide: was this written in the morning or the evening?)
  6. I know I shouldn’t be sitting so much, but I might fall if I stand right now.
  7. If a woman forgets to bring home her makeup bag from vacation, and she couldn’t possibly get it back for, say, 5 days, would she be justified running out and buying all new makeup (she would need new makeup eventually, right?)
  8. What is the expected life of a filling, and why do they seem to go in pairs?
  9. Aren’t all dogs “emotional support dogs?” (This was certainly not an original thought—I read it somewhere, but it rings true.)
  10. Why does everything seem to go wrong on the dominant side of your body? (for me: breast cancer, plantar fasciitis, toe fungus, broken tooth…to name just a few.)
  11. I hope the web page www.itwillcometome.com has some great memory tricks (it doesn’t seem to exist…how could that be? There’s an opportunity people…)
  12. Erin Gloria Ryan got it spot on when she said in a recent NYTimes op-ed column about Sean Spicer that a soap opera of the Trump presidency could be titled, “As the World Burns.”
  13. People who talk about their diets without you asking about them are really boring.
  14. It’s kinda funny that my husband’s underwear says in big bold letters, “Champion.” I’m glad he thinks so.
  15. Having time to let your mind wander…is a mixture of scary, weird, and funny.



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