The group of modern ballet dancersWe all do it.  As the weather cools off, life gets more hectic as we focus more on the “have to-do’s” than the “want to-do’s”. We start going it alone, trudging through the to-do list, pushing ourselves along, and then in the hopes of getting a little “me time”, we crash with Netflix at the end of the day.

But as health coaches, we can tell you there is a cost to this. And that cost is that we end up feeling isolated and gloomy. This, in turn, leads us back again to that nagging question of “is this what life is really about?”

These feelings are simply a reminder that we need to reconnect to what inspires and nourishes us and, often, that is a need for deep connection with other women.

Being with supportive women is deeply healing! Not just because it’s fun, but because it actually changes our body chemistry and our emotional state. It is truly a healthy habit.

Here are 5 ways women make you healthier:

Being with supportive women…

1. Boosts oxytocin which lowers cortisol

Oxytocin is known as the hugging hormone. It’s released when we are with other women and feeling connected. Oxytocin lowers Cortisol which is a stress hormone. So being in the company of other women that are nurturing makes us less stressed.

2.  Positively challenges our habitual and sometimes negative outlooks on life.

It’s easy to see the glass half-empty. It’s actually human nature to look for the bad things in life in an attempt to protect ourselves from harm. Being with other supportive women encourages us to look at the glass half full.

3. Reduces isolation and loneliness

Being with supportive women makes us feel connected and less alone. This crazy, busy – always electronically connected world we live in – can still sometimes feel mighty lonely.

4. Reminds us that we are all human

It’s easy to compare your insides to other women’s outsides. We call this dynamic “compare and despair.” The great thing is that when we are with other, real and supportive women, we realize that everyone has stuff going on, no one is perfect. We can relax on feeling bad about not being perfect, because thankfully, we’re all human.

5. Inspires!

Women are amazing! Every day we are wowed by the creativity, resiliency and power of women – and it rubs off! Seeing other women step into their authentic selves, be brave, and live life fully, inspires us to do the same.

So, reach out to your girlfriends – make a date, plan a weekend away, – and join us on October 29th for a one-day women’s retreat in the Boston area.  Our focus is deep self-care, delicious gourmet healthy food, moving our bodies, calming our minds, and connecting with other like-minded women.  Come nourish yourself and focus on living your life rather than living your to-do list.

Go to to learn more and register.

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