Feeling a tad spent this week? Unless your holidays have left you on a deserted island with temps in the 90s, I’m pretty sure you’re feeling a bit of chill in the bones as well as a potentially empty gas tank.

The below-zero temperatures, snowstorms, dark afternoons and literally dead batteries all around can do a number on your emotional stability. The last thing you want to read right now is someone making you feel guilty about not having any New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s the bottom-line – it’s damn cold out there and it has left most of us exhausted, our furry friends included. The holidays are taxing on everyone with endless to-do lists and chock-full calendars.

Let’s call a weekend moratorium and just relax!

It’s time to treat ourselves right!

One of my favorite Arthur Ashe quotes is,

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Here is a list that you can actually check off starting right now.

  1. Treat yourself to an at-home spa experience.
    • Draw a warm soothing bath adding some essentials oils
    • Eucalyptus – an anti-inflammatory
    • Peppermint – relieves anxiety
    • Lemongrass – relieves muscle pain
    • Lavender – provides a feeling of serenity
    • Scented candles – make them the only light in the room
    • Rolled towels for the back of your neck
    • Cucumber water to stay hydrated
    • Download the most popular Apple app of 2017 – CALM – and play the sounds that sooth your sole. Be sure to shut off all other phone sounds so no one pings you!
    • Be sure to have your big fluffy robe and slippers ready to don
  1. Turn your bedroom into a warm, toasty relaxing zone.
    • Cozy up your bed. Take out some of those extra blankets you have stored and plop them on the bed – build a nest!
    • Take out a few of your favorite books and stack your nightstand – be sure to bring bookmarks because who really reads a book in one sitting?
    • Add some ambience around the room in unexpected spaces by buying a few small aloe plants and lighting some candles.
  2. Rev up the post-holiday detox!
    • While stocking the fridge for the weekend storm, stay away from the milk and bread aisles.
    • Buy fresh ingredients for heartwarming soups and refreshing fruit smoothies to give your body the cleanse and jumpstart it needs right now.
  3. Hit the refresh button on your closet.
    • Not a major overhaul, save that for me! But a tweak to clean out the unwanted and unused. Be sure to include any gifts that you received that are just ‘not quite your style’.
    • Now is the time to spark your charitable giving and pull together warms coats, sweaters, gloves and scarves and drop them at your neighborhood shelter or donation bins. This will warm your heart and help some very special people at the same time.
  4. While you are in your closet, function like a stylist!
    • Pull a few outfits together for the upcoming work week – reducing one of the stresses of getting back to the grind. Who knows, with a relaxed soft focus you may even come up with new, creative fabulous combos!

Ready for a total refresh? Let’s start with a free consult so we can figure out how to get you from one side of the mountain to the other with the least amount of checkpoints! I look forward to sharing your 2018 calm journey with you.



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