Nothing beats the post Christmas blues quite like a spring clean. But, before you go all Mrs Hinch on us, you need to prepare yourself properly so you’re ready to refresh and revitalise your home after a season of excess. Use our guide below and you’ll be ready and raring to go…

1)  Order some new cleaning products

Thanks to the aforementioned Mrs Hinch, buying new cleaning products has become a fun activity instead of a chore. HomeDIT urges you to buy a batch of new supplies in advance and store them in one place, making sure they’re not scattered around the house. Perhaps consider trying a new cleaning product or a different smell, you may find you’re more excited to use it than you would have expected – and it’ll go a long way towards that refreshing vibe that you’re after.

2)  Put some items in storage

Those items that you may need in the future – but don’t quite have a place in your home right now – should be moved elsewhere. It’s hard to have a deep spring clean without organising your home properly. Some items may be able to be thrown away, but for those that can’t, it’s worth renting some storage space to keep your items safe until you decide where to place them. Give yourself breathing space – and literal space – before your spring clean and you’ll stand more chance of success.

3)  Set time aside to accomplish the big clean

It’s not just your mind that you need to prepare, you need to have your diary ready to go too. Household Management urges those gearing up to spring clean to avoid trying to get everything done in an unreasonable amount of time. You’re likely to take longer than anticipated when you clear your room, so it’s worth closing your calendar for the whole day, just to be on the safe side.

4)  Make a motivating playlist

Cleaning your home can sometimes be a chore, but it’ll be made a lot better if you’ve got some good music on as you’re working. Upbeat music is more likely to motivate you to carry on working, and it’ll make the entire experience more enjoyable.

5)  Buy some accessories to make your home feel spring-like

It’s worth preparing yourself for that spring feeling by adding some new items to your home to make it a little bit brighter. If you buy a new vase or a fresh bouquet of flowers, it’ll add the perfect finish to your home. Nothing is going to make your house feel more like spring than adding some bright seasonal colours.

Once your home is filled with new products and shining, you’ll be ready to welcome in the warmer weather when it arrives. Clear out your home and you’ll definitely feel fresh for the new season.

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