Are you ready to kick off the season on the right foot? Are you feeling motivated and energized to get back into your health & fitness routine? Well there’s no better way to get back into gear than with a cute new workout outfit to have you feeling confident and trendy during your sweat session. Whether you’re headed out for a walk, hitting the gym or doing a virtual yoga class in your living room, we love this time of year to revamp your workout essentials and feel fresh and fashionable. Don’t hesitate to style up your look with modern high-tech leggings and clean & cool sneakers! We are loving these workout looks to rock everyday even if your just headed to the grocery store to stock up on your healthy ingredients! Here are 5 trendy workout wear looks to help you start the season off right! Shop our selections here!

1. Soft & Subtle Pinks

Leggings $118

Tank Top $23

Sneakers $105

S’well $26

2. Warm & Earthy Tans

Leggings $118

T-Shirt $39

Sneakers $149.99

Hoodie $55

S’well $45

3. Bold Black & Whites

Leggings $47

Tank $20

Sneakers $149.99

Water Bottle $71

4. Bright & Energizing Blues

Leggings $31

Tank $66

Sneakers $200

Sweatshirt $65

Water Bottle $49.99


5. Strong & Confident Prints

Leggings $60

Hoodie $65

Sneaker $59

Tank Top $55

Water Bottle $100

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