Eyeglasses are an easy but not necessarily affordable necessity.  The truth is, it’s hard to feel guilty about buying eyeglasses as the older we get the more we need them. The right frame can make you look younger.

Should you wear a dark frame, clear, tinted or tortoiseshell?

Whose advice are you going to listen to?

I simply can’t go out into the sun without my shades as squinting gives me a headache (and more wrinkles). I can’t read a menu without glasses and I’m not into asking anyone else what to order.

I can’t go biking without a light weight eyeglass and at night, I like to have glasses so my eyes don’t get as tired.

That’s a lot of glasses.

So as long as I have to wear glasses, I mind as well buy something I love as I can’t think of an easier way to update my look.

But, like all fashion choices these days, there’s way too many options.

I wear my glasses even when they are no longer wearable and this season I am going to ditch the damaged ones.   I have 2 pairs of Warby Parkers sunglasses, one in my car and the other in my backpack and both have way too many scratches to be helpful. I have 2 over the counter reading glasses that aren’t strong enough and one prescription pair that needs new lenses. When I go biking, my Maui Jim’s are scratched as well. The overall investment in my eyeglasses could be huge given the prices can range from $100 to $1,000.

Nonetheless, I’m looking for some new reading glasses and sports glasses that look good.

  1. Go to Pinterest and see what the women you relate to are wearing. Check this link for ideas.
  2. Decide which shape works with your facial proportions. Do you have a narrow, medium or wide face? This is something you need to know. Once you have figured this out there are certain shape glasses that work best for yor face size.
  3. What’s in style? Shop around on-line and look at what the celebs are wearing. Titanium? Chunky? Oversized? Clear Frames? Which ones do you even like?
  4. What looks good with your coloring?  Brunette, Gray, Blonde Highlights?
  5. Glasses shouldn’t go higher than your brow line…did you know that? Look at all these celebs, we can see their eyebrows.

I first started checking out Pinterest and the fashion magazines to get an idea of what’s in style, but the truth is, my favorite person to ask my friend Lenny who owns a glasses boutique in Mamaroneck, NY.

Here’s what Lenny had to say….. Would love your opinion on which pair looks best. Please vote on which pair you like best of these 3 I tried on. #1, #2 or #3.

In Westchester. NY, through June 1st, Sarlin Opticians is offering $75 off when you mention BetterAfter50.

If you want to read further about advice about which eyeglasses to wear check out this great piece about tips for picking eyeglass frames if you are over 50….Click here

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