looking fierce and fashionablePeople often say 50 is the new 30, but as you pass this milestone, you might be tempted to ditch fashion altogether. Some women throw out their stylish wardrobes in favor of “age appropriate” wear, but should you lose your sense of style just because of your age?

While it’s crucial to reassess your wardrobe because of the physical changes that come with age, it doesn’t mean you cannot look fierce and fabulous over 50. Simple and classic pieces will become your wardrobe staple as these are lasting and versatile. It’s also a time to pay careful attention to quality and fit – frumpy clothing makes you look older and clingy clothes are simply not appropriate.

Here are some tips to look stylish over 50.

1. Choose the right colors

Turning 50 is not an excuse to exchange your colorful wardrobe for dull and uninspiring apparel. Choose the right colors for your skin tone and you’ll look younger and healthier. If you change your hair color – this includes highlights and lowlights- reevaluate your palette to find your ideal color. Once you find your right colors, you can go out and purchase accessories and a few tops and blouses in a hue that’s most suitable for your coloring.

2.  Pay attention to the style and fit

Schedule a professional fitting to determine your size for your garments and underwear. Tailored clothing and well-fitting underwear are essential at this age. Ask a professional to recommend clothing based on your proportions and body shape. Instead of hiding your unflattering areas behind baggy clothing, choose pieces that will emphasize your strong points and minimize the unflattering ones.

Wearing fashion forward clothing is an admirable goal, but your primary aim must be to wear clothing that creates the illusion of a well-balanced figure.

3. Mix and match your pieces

There’s been a dramatic shift in what’s considered appropriate office wear in the last decade. From tailored suits to feminine dresses and jeans, office looks are as varied as the people working there. As an over 50 professional, you can build a career wardrobe that falls somewhere in the middle of casual and cutthroat.

Separates have replaced full suits, which is advantageous because you can mix and match your outfits. Do not purchase those boxy blazers with the padded shoulders; they’re unflattering on any figure. Tailored jackets, like the ones found at www.navabi.co.uk, are figure flattering, and you can easily wear them with trousers, pencil skirts, jeans and dresses.

Some classic pieces for your professional wardrobe include a crisp white shirt, leather jacket, trench coat, a knee-length pencil skirt, tailored jacket, wool pants, low-heeled pumps, and flats.

4. Remember that you can wear jeans at any age

Jeans are acceptable at any age, but one of the biggest pitfalls of over 50s women is the unflattering mom jeans. A pair of well-made jeans pays for itself over and over again. Try on different shapes and sizes to find age-appropriate jeans that flatter your figure.

The rise should be somewhere between the low-rise and high-rise mom jean cut. Stick to a classic wash devoid of holes, embroidery, and other embellishments. Jeans made from cotton denim with 2-3 percent Lycra are more comfortable and figure flattering than jeans made from 100 percent denim cotton. Choose your style – flare, boot cut, straight leg- based on your body type and height.

Once you’ve found the perfect jeans, you might want to purchase a couple pairs and wear them with a leather jacket, feminine blouses, or the classic white cotton shirt.

5. Hair and makeup are also important

Your clothing says a lot but it’s your hair and makeup that give away or hide your age. The haircut that worked for you years ago might not be suitable in your 50s. Bangs, layers, angles, highlights, lowlights are just some changes you can add to soften your face and draw eyes away from unwanted facial lines.

Gray hair does not automatically make you look older so don’t immediately reach for the hair color if you see some gray emerging. Many women these days are more than comfortable with the natural aging process and when you think that there are fifty shades of gray according to an infamous book, know that silver foxes have plenty of fun!

Multiple layers of foundation and blush do not hide your age. In fact, you’ll look much older if you weigh down your face with too much makeup. Makeup at any age should be soft and subtle, and this is especially true when you’re over 50. Keep your makeup routine simple: accentuate your eyes, apply natural blush to your cheeks, and use a pale lipstick to highlight your lips.

When you enter your 50s, it’s a different world of fashion altogether. However, building a fashionable wardrobe can be fun if you experiment with different looks. Take a cue from other fashionable over 50s women and celebrities, and you’ll soon develop a unique style of your own.

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