From biographies to self-help, to romance novels and more, women continue to break glass ceilings, teach life lessons, challenge the status quo, inspire change and redefine female sexuality for us, through their literary work.

While no list could fully showcase all the thought-provoking books available for women today, we’ve highlighted 5 female-penned reads that promise to bring no shortage of noteworthy and engrossing new reading.

Faking the O by Jenna Leigh

Part personal story, part self-help book, Faking the O ($9.99) takes you inside the life of flight attendant, Jenna Leigh as she encounters heartbreak, divorce and dating in the 21st-century (as a mother). Both witty and unapologetic, Leigh opens up about the highs and lows of single life, her journey to self-discovery, digital dating, sexual encounters, and the lessons she learned along the way. Buy it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or

Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives by Jean Shinoda-Bolen
Published in the early 1980s, Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives ($30) takes a look at the profound historical patterns, thoughts, feelings, and life approaches specific to women. In it, author Shinoda-Bolen uses
seven archetypal goddesses (or personality types) with whom all women will identify,  to make women more conscious of the influence stereotypes outside can have on achieving life’s purpose and demonstrate how women can cultivate or overcome these enduring archetypes to achieve greater life fulfillment. Buy it at Amazon.

How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids by Jancee Dunn

Honest and devastatingly funny, journalist Jancee Dunn doesn’t hold back in her real-life self-help book, How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids ($17). Dunn invites readers into the inner sanctum of her semi-messy family life, as she manages the unexpected side effects of becoming a mother. Using personal anecdotes, and raw insight from therapists, friends and even an FBI hostage negotiator — this book tackles the perils that can occur after having kids and offers couples tips for improving their marriage and creating a harmonious home. But it at Amazon.

Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way by Nely Galan

What does it mean to be self-made? It’s not just about having money, but financial empowerment. A New York Times Best-Seller, Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way ($20) voices the concerns and struggles of Nely Galan on her journey to becoming financially self-reliant. From sexism, to stereotypes and inequality in the workplace, Galan shares valuable, candid, no-nonsense lessons from her own experiences and offers actionable advice to help women become financially and entrepreneurially resilient today. Buy it at Amazon or

Leave Me by Gayle Forman

Working mothers will appreciate this relatable fiction novel by author, Gayle Forman. In her adult fiction debut, Forman’s Leave Me ($8) follows stressed-out working mom Maribeth Klein through a disruptive life event, which spurs the mother to do the unthinkable –runaway and leave her children and husband behind. What Maribeth learns while seeking better health, balance and an understanding of her own past is a lesson about compromise and the power of family and friends. Buy it at Amazon.

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