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Are you sick of making New Years Resolutions that only¬†REMOVE¬†things from your diet or life in general? You know, the “I want to lose 5 pounds” or “I want to clean out the pantry” or “I want to get rid of those toxic relationships”? I know I am!

This year, give yourself a break and put a positive spin on those resolutions. Rather than removing things from your life, try ADDING in more lusciousness and the things that will really nourish your body and soul. You might actually stick with them!

Here are five things to add this year to get 2016 off to a great start:

1. Add More Fun

Fun in your fifties may look a bit different from what we think fun was supposed to be. While we may not be out dancing at clubs till 3am or bar hopping with friends, we can still find numerous ways to laugh, sing, dance, and make fools of ourselves. So many women are FUN-DEPRIVED! Are you? I plan on laughing, giggling and smiling way more this year.

2. Add Some New Friends

As your kids are leaving the nest, some or your current friends may be leaving for Florida, taking up golf, starting new businesses, or hanging out at ashrams. We are all on different journeys and life is so much more enjoyable with comrades by our sides. I’m not saying to let go of the old wonderful friends, just open your circle to meet some new people to inspire, support, and encourage you.

3. Add More Flavor

Yes, we do have to eat less at this point in life and we do have to eat healthier too. But that doesn’t mean that it has to taste bad. Learning to use the right spices in your food (and in your life) can change the bland into gourmet! Experiment. Have fun with it. Our tastes change as we get older so you may be surprised that the once avoided spicy food suddenly appeals to you or new ethnic flavors suddenly satisfy you in whole new ways.

4. Add more Tranquility

Finding more ways to chill out will not only help you sleep better and keep your weight in check, but it may just help you be more fun to hang out with too. Aren’t you tired of hearing the “I’m so busy” response to every “how are you?” question! Well, everyone else is too. No, you don’t have to meditate for an hour, but starting with a few minutes might not be such a bad idea. If that doesn’t float your boat, try some deep breathing, a mindful walk, or anything else that turns off that crazy non-stop brain of yours and helps you calm down.

5. Add More TV

Yes, you read this correctly. Many of us superwomen are running around all day and then collapsing into bed at night after reading only three pages in our bedside books. It was only this past year that I discovered TV. I used to think I had no time for it, but now I look at it as a little gift that I give myself. TV has gotten so good that it is disrupting the movie industry and watching a show with a friend, a lover, or a child can be a great way to connect. If you are already watching too much TV, completely disregard this tip, but if you are not — you just might like it!

Happy New Year!

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