Disclaimer: Warby Parker did not contract me to write this piece…I just wanted to.

I love sunglasses  not “fashion” glasses per se.  Finding cool sporty glasses that can morph between hiking and city wear is a challenge. They’ve got to be light, durable with a little style. Constantly losing glasses and carelessly dropping them into my bag, I am constantly in search of a new pair so the price must be right.

When I discovered Warby Parker, my sunglass obsession became way more affordable.

I have been wearing the same Oliver People’s glasses for the last 4 years, but losing them was getting unaffordable. These were the ones I have replaced 3 times and they have gone up in cost each time. First they were $350 which was way too much and now they are $450!

Oliver Peoples: Sheldrake Sun

I wouldn’t call Warby Parker the poor man’s Oliver People’s but these glasses have almost an identical look and are affordable. So, my next pair, when my Oliver People’s are unwearable or lost will be either the Laurel or the Percey. They are $95 and look just like my Oliver People’s.

According to Elle magazine, there are specific glasses styles that work best with a particular shaped face. I have a narrow, long face which isn’t addressed in the article. Apparently a rarity. Ha!  So I have no clue what I’m “supposed” to wear.

However, I also love Aviators and when I saw my kids wearing them…I wanted a pair. These Aviators were the first pair of Warby Parker glasses I bought. They lasted for a year and I wore them skiing and hiking. Very sturdy and great coverage. I loved the chrome frame and the blue lense, but the Dempsey with a gold frame is cool too.

The Batten $145 (Chrome)

The Dempsey $145


Two more pairs, I’ve been eyeing have a combo of the metal and the tortoise shell which look pretty multi-purpose and edgy — the Grady and the Reed. These are on my “wish list.” There’s plenty of impulse eye candy on the Warby site so have fun.



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