socksI love socks—bright colors or conservative black, no shows, ankle length, knee high, boot liners, warm, wooly, fuzzy, fun patterns, checks and polka dots. All warm my feet and my heart.

Where does this rabid sock infatuation come from? I inherited my sock-loving gene from my mother. The woman had a thing for socks, too, in that she loved to buy me socks.

And I’m talking about well beyond my kiddie days.

My mother greeted me with a bag of socks when I was a college student home on break, a New York City working girl dropping in for a hot meal and an open washing machine, and as a married young mother visiting with my kids. My mom bought me all kinds of socks, gifting me everything from anklets adorned with lace that she stitched on herself to striped tube socks that reminded me of when I was in middle school.

Fifteen years have passed since my mother died and I still have many of the socks she bought me tucked in my drawers. I can’t bear to part with them, even though some are hopelessly stretched out or are mateless due to my sock-hungry dryer.

As a result, not only do I love buying socks for myself, I also like to spread the love around. I’ve bought socks as birthday gifts for girlfriends and holiday presents for my writing group. I’ve also included pairs in care packages for my kids whether they were at camp or away at school.

When it comes to shopping for me, arriving home with a fun new pair of socks always gives me a lift. I think socks are a great form of retail therapy for gals and guys.

Here are five reasons why:

  1. Socks don’t break the bank.

Sock prices vary as much as their shapes, lengths, and sizes. There are expensive socks and designer socks that could take a bite out of your wallet, but there are also A-level awesome socks that cost less than a grande mocha. Target is my favorite sock hunting store and a place where I’ve scored fabulous foot coverings for a song.

  1. Socks are good medicine.

If you’re having a bad day or the winter, spring, summer or fall blues have you feeling “meh” then tugging on a pair of cozy socks can make you feel better. In my opinion, comfy socks are a hug that starts with your feet. Add a snuggly blanket for extra healing powers.

  1. All those age-focused-what-not-to-wear articles steer clear of socks.

I’m a fifty-something woman, and there are countless lists dictating the things I shouldn’t wear, including hoop earrings, long hair, short skirts, and Ugg boots. I wear them anyway. Yet somehow socks are in a neutral zone. Ageless. That’s good news because I plan on rocking my cupcake-patterned socks whether I’m fifty, sixty or any age above. I suggest you do the same with your favorite socks.

  1. My socks are always a perfect fit.

Aside from when I had a plantar wart removed and when I was pregnant (oh, swollen me), I can’t think of another time my socks didn’t fit. Even when I’ve binged on M&Ms and Ben and Jerry’s and my jeans surely cried uncle and cut off my breath, my socks fit fine. And they looked as fetching as ever. What’s not to love about that?!

  1. Socks let you be yourself.

Are you feeling snarky? Sexy? Happy? Do you love music, cats, ice cream cones, Hello Kitty, unicorns, or a specific sport team? A pair of socks exists for pretty much every occasion, mood or interest. The particular beauty of socks is that if you want to flash your attitude to the world then show those ankles and let the design or clever saying speak. Or take a sock selfie and post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—I’m guilty of that many times over. However, if you’d rather keep your sock commentary to yourself, then you can save them for boot-wearing days. After all, what happens in your boots, stays in your boots.


Next time you’re out for a little retail therapy, pick up a pair of socks; they’re sure to nourish your soul and your soles.

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