If you haven’t already hit up a few holiday parties, you likely will soon, as this weekend is the biggest party weekend of the year. Add the shopping, schlepping, traveling, coordinating, cooking, eating, prepping and socializing that is part of this month to the mix, and it’s enough to wear down even the most stalwart of us.

Of course we all want to look and feel festive at this time of year, but the most luxurious of outfits won’t make us shine if we feel wiped out. ¬†In lieu of finding the best accessories or best dresses to make your season special, here are 5 essential items to get you through the holidays feeling energized and enthusiastic:

Yoga (or whatever workout speaks to you): ¬†Making a point of spending 60 minutes every day devoted to YOU¬†is critical to your well being. It’s easy to skip class or postpone a workout when you have a million time constricted things to do, but making exercise a priority will be the best time investment you make all day (and month, and year…) ¬†Taking the time to slow down and breathe, to focus on yourself and YOUR well being will give you extra energy, and a regular workout will keep the holiday pounds at bay.Morning-Yoga-Poses

Magnesium:¬†Magnesium has been called the most powerful relaxation mineral available.¬†Anything that is tight, irritable, crampy, and stiff, be it a body part or even a mood, is a sign of magnesium deficiency. 400mg per day can help reduce everything from insomnia to headaches, anxiety to IBS. It’s unlikely that you get enough magnesium in your regular diet (unless you eat a ton of kelp and other sea vegetables) so head over to Whole Foods and get a bottle of tablets, and start feeling more vibrant right away.magnesium

Coconut Oil: If you want to read about all the amazingly wonderful things coconut can do for your body and soul, pour yourself a cup of tea, turn off your phone and google “benefits of coconut oil”. ¬†See you in a few hours… Seriously, adding a dab (about a dime size glob) of coconut oil to your daily beauty routine will make your skin luminous and plump, your hair shiny and your nails pink and rosy. ¬†I have first hand experience of coconut oil clearing up acne better than Tetracycline or Retin-A, fading dark spots, and reducing lines better than a syringe full of Botox. ¬†If you want to look glorious this holiday season, grab a jar in the same aisle as the Magnesium.Benefits-of-Coconut-Oil1

Water: Now more than ever you need to hydrate. For every coffee or cocktail make sure to drink at least one glass of water – in addition to your regular intake. ¬†You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces every day (130 lbs = 65 oz – or 2+ Nalgene bottles). Staying hydrated keeps your energy levels stable, keeps your brain functioning at optimal capacity and reduces hunger…never a bad thing when presented with a platter of hors d’oeuvres.Water Pouring into Bottle

Manicures: Book now and book early. Nothing will park a black cloud over your holiday game plan than a big night and ratty nails. Besides, sitting still for an hour circles back to the first point…making time for yourself and being quiet while everyone else is going at Mach 5.manicure


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