I spoke with my yoga teacher Melanie Hyman about a daily practice to relieve constipation from menopause and bloating. Melanie has just been interviewed on Dr. Oz about this very topic so it was super timely.

Everyone can do this practice — either on a mat or in a chair. This holiday season we are full to the brim with food and drink and this video comes just in time for our gut health. So please please share it with everyone you love and put it on DAILY REPEAT!

BA50 wishes you all a healthy holiday season.


Dr. Oz – Yoga for Constipation




Melanie has been teaching, mentoring and training yoga students for the past 20 years. She spent her childhood and young adult life studying gymnastics, movement and dance and has always found a tremendous amount of freedom, insight and joy through movement. Melanie graduated from Syracuse University where she created her own major combining movement, psychology and education. After completing a masters from NYU in dance and movement therapy, she pursued yoga as a way of transcending her love for movement into meditation. In 2001 she received her Bikram Yoga training and opened a studio in Larchmont, NY. In 2003 she was fortunate enough to find a mentor in Nevine Michaan at Katonah Yoga Center, where she has taught and been studying for over 18 years. Melanie is the staff yoga teacher for the “Dr. Oz Show” and has been featured on the show multiple times.
With a strong focus on breath consciousness and alignment, drawing from multiple movement modalities and yoga traditions, Melanie encourages students to flow with depth, creativity and playfulness. She hopes to help her students potentiate their well-being and gain insight through a transformative mind/body/breath experience.

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