nina manolson50 years is a wonderful amount of time to be on the planet, cause I feel like I’ve had true richness in my life, and yet I know there’s so much to come.

I’ve had some serious ups and some serious downs – and having fully felt both ends of the spectrum – has given my soul a work out.

I offer you 5 of the many lessons that I’ve learned in my 50 years. I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years teach me!

1. Don’t go it alone:

  • Life is a team sport, and it’s just not as fun or as rich if you try to do it all yourself.
  • Ask for help! My life feels deeply rich because of the people in it. It gets richer every time I ask for help or partner up with friend to get help.
  • Let go of the “I can do it myself” mindset and enter the power and vulnerability that goes with reaching out for support…you won’t regret it.

2. Don’t be shy with your love:

  • Holding back your love and affection because you’re not sure if the other person feels the same way, or because you might get hurt, or because you are just plain afraid is big fat waste of energy.
  • Let your love come pouring out all over the place – including inwardly – towards yourself!
  • And, if you have a hard time feeling loving towards the people around you, it’s time to really step into loving and nourishing  yourself in a big way.  If you are having a hard time loving yourself, it’s time to get real about your self criticism and cultivate a self-compassion practice.

 3. Choose life with every action, every bite, and every word:

  • Choose life affirming foods – foods that make you feel vibrant and energetic. Exactly what foods those are, are quite specific to you, don’t get caught by the “diet-of-the-day”. If you have no idea what foods enliven you, it’s time for some health coaching support.
  • Choose life affirming thoughts and words – if what you say to yourself is tearing you down everyday, it’s time to do some brain re-training, so that your thoughts support you instead of sabotaging you.
  • Choose life affirming actions. It may be time to have a good hard look at your to-do list and see if the things on the list make you feel like a human being versus a human doing!

 4. Get more sleep:

  • Most women in our modern world are operating with a sleep deficit.
  • Lack of sleep makes us less healthy, more cranky, imbalanced in our hormones, less sexual, more likely to gain unwanted weight, and less radiant.
  • Get 8-10 hours a night – consistently – you’ll feel so much better. All those things that you are staying up doing late at night will happen quicker and better during the day…I promise.

 5. Let yourself receive:

  • Let in the beauty, the love, the pleasure, the nourishment, and the joy that there is for you in your life. Often we’re so busy trying to make something happen, that we don’t take in what’s right there.
  • Even when times are tough, there is something to receive…take it in…your deserve it.

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