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5 Fashion Faux Pas Fixes ~ Mistakes & Solutions

fashion faux pasI spoke to a group of 80 stylish women last night here in New England. Now you may have heard that we were buried under a whopping 7 feet of snow this past season, but for crying out loud, it’s April, Easter has already happened and the signs that some green things are reappearing under foot are minuscule! Because of that, I had to start my presentation with, “Thank you for braving the elements and coming out tonight!” There was sleet, hail and of course 40 mph winds whipping my hair into a birds nest frenzy as I unloaded my car. Enough already, we give!

Needless to say much of the Q&A was wrapped around being uninspired with their current wardrobe and how to begin to transition towards the still-pending season.

Here are a few ideas to start to make the transition from woolies to wonderful without looking completely like an out-of-season novice! Perhaps these updates will keep the fashion police from stopping you on the street!

5 Fashion Faux Pas Fixes ~ Mistakes & Solutions

The Mistake:
Donning a pair of sandals tomorrow. Seriously, one of my awesome helpers showed up in sandals last night. Can we say, a tad premature? But alas, she was an eager and enthusiastic high school gal desperate for a seasonal change. As we Moms may have experienced, many seniors (not the retired seniors) need a bit of fashion tweaking. Although a few ‘retired’ seniors in need of fashion aid come to mind as well; but I digress.


The Solution:
Don’t make the giant leap from your knee high chunky lug boots to a yellow cork sandal in one day! Experience the middle ground for at least a week or two. Think bootie, closed toe pump, wedge or flat. And remember to drop off those boots that you have been wearing for six months at the cobbler for heel repair and a good cleaning & buffing so when you pull them out next winter, they are ready to work!

The Mistake:
Popping on a poppy necklace with your flannel blazer. We can all relate to the desperation in this outfit – I am freaking freezing but when I catch myself in the rearview mirror I want to look like Spring. Whoa, slow down Nellie, a fast fix is often a major faux pas.


The Solution:
There needs to be synergy in your outfit from head to toe, as noted above in your choice of footwear. Have a few necklaces that are crossovers. Something a bit more cheery than your winter collection but not yet the flower show!

The Mistake:
Pulling together some spring-weight things, perhaps a lighter color sweater/blouse combo and then realizing as you walk out the door it is still 32 degrees and you defer to the woolly mammoth scarf that was still hanging on your coat hook.

Scarves - Mistkake - Solution

The Solution:
Take the time to swap out your scarves by season! Purchase a few scarves that are a lighter weight, perhaps a bit smaller than those that can wrap up the Statue Of Liberty, with pops of color that are season neutral – that means hold off on the pale peach for another month! And of course – maintain the woollies by bringing them to the dry cleaner – between your hair and neck oils – can I say P.U.! Take a whiff of your scarf and you’ll get the point!

The Mistake:
Monday – wearing the suede, flannel, hooded, dark brown, fur collared, ankle length monk coat, and Tuesday – wearing a white cotton short jacket!


The Solution:
Yes, the temperature may have changed, but seriously even in New England the numbers are not that drastic! Ease into the process. To use an old fashioned term, wear a car coat! Something mid-length, so you are still warm, but perhaps an all-season fabric, think raincoat, but not! Perhaps a heavy cotton poplin or wool-rayon blend – not black!

The Mistake:
Being just plain sick and tired of schlepping your 40-pound black satchel and grabbing your essentials (lipstick, American Distress card) and stuffing them in some little pink crossbody! Note – the pink crossbody is not looking so good over that suede, flannel, hooded, dark brown, fur collared, ankle length monk coat!


The Solution:
Have a crossover bag! Something shaped, substantial and color blocked so it still goes with your neutral zone wardrobe but allows you to sing the Pharrell Williams Happy song. Linked here for your listening pleasure while you read on! It will open in a new browser so you won’t miss any of my words of wisdom! Enjoy – I can see you dancing now….

I closed my evening reminding them that despite how jazzed they might have been feeling at that moment, when most people plan to make a change, like New Years Resolutions, they all have the greatest intentions, but the execution gets lost in the translation. They hope for the best and often find that they are once again disappointed with their results. Now is the time for all you ladies out there – you need to feel pretty, current and stylish today! Spring forward and if you need a girlfriend along the journey, make the call.

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Lastly, I know many of the readers today were sitting in my audience this week. Here’s a shout out to you – you asked fabulous questions! Definitely food for fodder, so be sure to stay tuned to my future blogs.

And remember – you are pretty!

If you would like me to speak to your group – link here to download my Speaker Sheet! I look forward to seeing you in the audience!

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