poopourri-adIt may appear obvious why most of us are in a heightened state of purchasing activity this month–’tis the season to gift to others and even to ourselves. But how do we decide what to buy? Who is having the greatest influence on our buying decisions?

When the holiday season is over — why do we keep shopping? Do we even need a prompt to shop? While the new agers are busy uncluttering the rest of us are acquiring – who are we—Old-Agers?  Nope, we’re Baby Boomers and we are the “She Economy.”  We have purchasing power and influence. We have the largest impact on spending of any other generation.

Question: How many hours a week do we spend surfing the Internet in search of the right shoes, a party dress or home goods?

Answer: More than any other demographic.

Here’s some factoids from immersionactive.com:

1. One-third of the 195.3 million internet users in the U.S., are age 50 and up – the web’s largest constituency

2. Baby Boomers (ages 47-65) spend 27 hours per week online, 2 hours more per week than Millennials (16-34)

3. Baby Boomers outspend other generations by an estimated $400 billion each year on consumer goods & services.

We love what our friends have — so we buy it – we want to make our friends and family happy so we gift it – we  shop because we really do need it –whatever!  The bottom line is we 50-somethings are in the cyber or real time stores more than any other group of shoppers.

So who is influencing your next purchase? Why do you buy the things you do?  It turns out advertising is still an effective influencer but because we are bombarded by so much media – online, print, TV, and emails – it’s hard to get our attention and effectively influence us.

The jury is still out on what actually sells: fear, humor–sex. But, one way to gauge the success of a marketing campaign is the number of times the ad is shared.  So I went onto YouTube and lost myself in the black hole of cyber-search.  When I eventually emerged from my cyper-stupor I had mined a few great ads from 2013 that had huge viral reach – everyone was sharing them. I can’t say they will influence me to make a purchase but I was moved to share them with you. Let us know if these have any affect on you.  Have you found any ads you want to share? (Please do in the comment section below.)

When you’re paralyzed by lists of relatives to buy for and the hot flash of in-store insanity or burning up the hours shopping on the Internet these links may give you some relief.  And, if these ads don’t make you laugh, gasp or share with your friends, maybe it’s time to join an ashram and give up all your worldly things.

1. You maybe motivated to buy some of this POO stuff – I sure was:

Girls Don’t Poop – PooPourri.com

2. OMG this split my brain in half–so now will you buy a Volvo?

3. This was music to my ears. Just may have to get some of these Joe Boxers

4. Can you drink a bottle of Evian and watch this without choking?  This is craaaaazy.

5. Funniest Banned Commercials of 2013

And here’s some particularly inappropriate ads that never made it in 2013 because they were banned. There are a few you may want to skip over…but I love the weight loss one from Japan. Glad the one from France didn’t make it and I thought some of the condom ones are hysterical, particularly the balloon ad.









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