As the cold winter season still has a few months ahead to go, we are seeing less and less color in our wardrobes and feeling like its time to stack those hot pinks and bright yellows on the top shelf of our closets until summer returns! This is the time of year to get into your monochrome mindset and style those staple blacks, browns and whites that are so fitting for the winter season. But just because they are basic doesn’t mean they should be boring! Whether your style is tomboy chill or sophisticated corporate chic, we have compiled 5 modern and trendy looks with these three colors. What we love most about basic blacks, browns, & whites? The ability to endlessly layer and accessorize your look with no fear of mismatching colors or clashing! Continue reading below to learn how to effortlessly make basic blacks, browns, & whites look interesting and fashionable like never before for the winter season ahead!

1. Vintage Tomboy

Jeans $80

T-Shirt $39

Converse $39

Hoops $90

Bandana $55

2. Trendy Socializer

Turtleneck $58

Pants $158

Boots $159

Earrings $60

Headband $52

3. Cool Girl Cargo

Sweater $59

Pants $79

Coat $249

Boots $124

Necklace $38

4. Sexy Winter Chic

Dress $68

Jacket $98

Boots $99.95

Necklace $29

Hair clip $82

5. Modern Corporate Fashionista

Jacket $219

Skirt $79

Boots $119

Shirt $248

Necklace $48

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