By Felice Shapiro

I love digital photography. This technology has given me the freedom to snap away gluttonously without the fear of costs or waste. I can delete what I don’t like and keep and enhance what I do.

So when I start to take a picture of a colorful object or an event in nature, my mind searches for bright crisp color and I wonder how I can capture this. Well, when it happens, I just feel lucky as I am not a trained photographer. But I love to try.  In my mind’s eye I have a visual I am going for but lack the mechanics to make it happen.  One of my favorite photographers does this over and over again and whenever I see her photographs I feel a longing to sit with her work and lose myself in its energy and subject whether it be a row boat and paddle or a beach’s horizon running into Vineyard blue skies.

My heart was racing when I walked into Alison Shaw’s studio in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend as Alison greeted me with a warm hello.  I was literally enveloped by a sea of color, oceans, boats, sand and flowers. I had come to talk to her about contributing to

Alison has been photographing Martha’s Vineyard longer than I can remember. I bought my first piece from her 25 years ago and for a wedding present, 3 years ago, my childhood friends bought us another.  Most of my family owns a piece of hers so she is a bit of a rocks star in our lives.

After sharing the new site with her, which was still in development and required a bit of imagination, she jumped in enthusiastically with editing ideas and offerings.  I told her about my vision for a BA50 Artists Gallery which she immediately embraced.

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do and link to her site to see more of her work. We at BA50 see The Artist’s Gallery as a curated place to learn what other BA50’s are creating.

Let us know what you think. Feel free to comment and if you are a Professional Artist we would be happy to review your work for our site.

If you are interested please upload your image and your bio and a link to your site to Username: guestwriter, Password: ba50.





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