OMG – We women work so hard at pulling it all together and then our guys show up in an ass-bagging pair of Dockers – 24/7! 😫

Time to revolt, speak our minds and offer solutions. How often have I said you are not well dressed until you are well-tailored! Too many clients to count have commented, “Oh Doreen, if only you could work with my husband.” Well, first, yes, I can. My expertise is in menswear as well as womens-wear having worked in both men’s custom clothing and off-the-rack and having been a buyer in the men’s market for over 2 decades. There is not a man I cannot dress with purpose!

The biggest complaint that spouses and significant others voice is that their man looks good going to the office and he looks like crap the rest of the time – which of course is all the time they get to spend with them. Men often use the same lame line that women do, “I have to dress well at the office 80-hours a week, so when I am not working, I don’t want to even think about what I put on.” Lame, lame, lame.

It takes the same effort to put on a pair of well fitted jeans or khakis as it does to pull on those stupid baggy sweatpants. 😩
It takes the same amount of time and effort to pull a collared polo over your head as it does to pull a Patriots T-shirt over that noggin. 😱

Another common complaint by the ‘other’ members of the household?

The men never throw anything away. NOTHING is ever worn out enough in the eyes of a dude. “It’s still fine. I don’t need a replacement.” But the minute that car chamois is a tad worn, it’s off to the auto store to replace it!

Let’s dive in dudes…and yes ladies…please forward this article or simply shop with purpose and gift them the Gift of Style with me and let me handle it for you – both of you! 😍

Step 1 – Realize that, just like female bodies, not all male bodies are built alike. But of course, we have already noticed that, why else do we continue to go to the co-ed gyms? 😜

Step 2 – Know their body, like their body (what other option is there,) and dress their body. As the frequent readers already know, the best tool in his style toolbox will also be the tape measure! Measure his waist (or in many cases what he calls his waist), his inseam and his out-seam.

Step 3 – Figure out the fit for him, because if you leave it up to him he is going to always choose the RELAXED fit, because after all, he is relaxing, which is why he is sporting the balloon sweats.

Here are the choices of styles – easy to navigate!

Skinny Tapered – Skinny through seat and thigh – narrow leg opening

Slim Tapered – Slim through seat and thigh – slim leg opening

Slim – Slim through seat and thigh – straight leg opening

Straight – Straight through seat and thigh – straight leg opening

Athletic – Roomy through seat and thigh – tapered leg opening

Classic – Roomy through seat and thigh – straight leg opening

Relaxed – Full through seat and thigh – straight leg opening

Step 4 – Move to the next category! A good fitting pair of pants deserves a good fitting shirt! Yes, they too come in different fits. No longer do men have to deal with a billowy back or tuck 18-inches of fabric into their pants! Shop with purpose!!
Time to style the guy? Give him The Gift of Style! You’ll be glad you did! 😄

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