get your body ready for summerMost women over fifty would like to be healthy and in good shape but unfortunately, getting starting can be difficult. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how to begin, here are four quick ways to start your fitness plan now! We all lead busy lives and adding one more thing to do usually makes us feel stressed and powerless to act. The truth is adding fitness to your life will actually make you feel calmer and more powerful.

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  1. STOP EDUCATING YOURSELF. I know you must be asking yourself if I am actually suggesting that you stop reading, listening and learning about health? Yes, I am. Most middle-aged women like to learn every little thing about everything and I’m saying you know enough to begin your fitness plan now. Stop listening and just start doing. I’m certain if I were to give all my followers a quiz on fitness, most of you would ace it. People in the wellness industry have numerous approaches to weight loss and exercise and a lot of it is conflicting. All that information is overwhelming and can work to confuse and scare you, making it impossible for you to start your fitness plan.
  2. KEEP IT SLOW AND SIMPLE. If you’re a novice at fitness the worst thing you can do when you want to start a fitness plan is to spend countless hours planning and then trying to keep up with a difficult workout schedule. Begin my committing to three or four short workouts a week. Consider your other obligations and schedule realistic times for you to exercise. Initially it’s best to stagger your days to allow rest days in between. Stay motivated by completing small goals and then step up your game!
  3. WHEN YOU ENJOY WHAT YOU DO, WORK BECOMES PLAY. Choose what you like to do, whether it’s taking a walk with your friends, playing ball with your kids, or taking a yoga class. Do what you enjoy and you won’t feel like it’s punishment! It’s important to continually remind yourself that getting healthier is a long process. And don’t focus on the scale because it takes time for women over fifty to lose weight. If immediate weight loss is your only focus you probably won’t make it to the end of the week.
  4. MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY. We women tend to put others first and that’s a difficult habit to break. Make sure to remind yourself of your own self worth!

Every day gives us a new opportunity to make positive changes. Go for it . . . you’re worth it!

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