sassybootsHere in New England, Fall is in full force, which means we can finally break out the boots. For those of you still in the warmer climates, you will just have to suffer with boot envy!

Last week we covered the booties – pant booties, dress booties and rockin’ booties. This week we move up the leg (calf) to tall kickin’ cowboy boots, everyday uniform boots, workday office boots and Saturday sexy boots!

Let’s get shopping with purpose! If you are a frequent reader you know by now that we can’t just shop for the heck of it. We have to have a plan because if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. And if we don’t go into it with our eyes wide open we will either buy the wrong thing or pay the wrong price. Let’s try to avoid that, especially with a category like boots which tend to be one of the investment items in your wardrobe just by virtue of the price, which can easily go anywhere from $80 To $800!

Let’s ‘step into’ the process by defining the 4-points-to-ponder and the reasons behind them.

  1. You must shop wisely for your boots.
    • Shopping wisely means you are shopping for a certain level of quality. Are you shopping for leather or synthetic, waterproof or not?
    • You should be shopping at a certain price level, which can be defined in advance allowing you to search for the best product within that price range. Here’s the super tip – if you pre-plan, you just might land a $180 boot on sale for $99, either at a pre-season or end-of-season sale. That’s the benefit of having a plan, you end up with a better quality purchase that is within your original budget.
  2. You need to define the ‘purpose’ of your desired boots.
    • Are they Friday night dirt-kickin cowboy boots?
    • Are they weekday boots to wear with your everyday uniform such as leggings or skinny jeans?
    • Are they workday office boots to be worn with skirts and dresses?
    • Are they Saturday sexy boots to be worn, well with your sexy attitude?
  3. You need to think about how often you plan to wear the boots.
    • Friday night cowboy boots – we’ll give you maybe 12 times a season to attend rodeos.
    • Everyday uniform boots – you’ll probably live in these 7 times a week times the 12 weeks of the winter season = 84 times.
    • Workday office boots – perhaps 3 times per week x 12 weeks = 36 times per season.
    • Saturday night sexy – maybe max 12 times per season depending on the Viagra in the cabinet.
  4. How long do you plan to own them? That’s a loaded question I know, because there is no time limit on sexy (in your own mind) or on being a cowgirl (again in your own mind).

So perhaps asking that question isn’t quite fair. But for those of you who are either wearing them to the office or wearing them as your everyday uniform, the answer is probably until they wear out. That answer is great!

If I can get you to buy with the end result being until they wear out, RATHER than until they go out of style, then our work is complete because you are not going to spend a chunk of change on a trendy over-the-knee purple suede lace up boot! Wiser purchasing decisions are made when you respect the item, respect the price and respect the investment.

There are so many shoes and boots on the market that are NOT made to last because we have become such a trend driven, disposable society and the manufacturers are pushing inferior, low price, low quality shoes and boots, flooding the stores with endless choices so the consumer thinks this is the norm.

But buyer beware! If you want a better quality, at a better price point, you want it to fit within your wardrobe plan and you want to wear them until they wear out, then here’s the bottom line. Shop like it matters. Shop frugal-minded, but quality-focused. Shop for products that are right for you, for all the right reasons. You will be well dressed and well heeled (pun intended).

I am going to show you three price-points for each category – with a twist though! I am NOT telling you which is which! You will have to try to solve the riddle on your own and then scroll all the way to the bottom for the answers. This exercise is intended to show you that if you define what you are looking for, first by the 4 pondering points mentioned above, you will find plenty of boots that can satisfy both your desire and your budget.

Kickin Cowboy Boots – range $79 to $197
Everyday Uniform Boots – range $129 to $298
Office Wear Boots – range $129 to $298
Saturday Sexy Boots – range $79 to $197

Can you pick out the price-points?

cowboy boots


Here is the answer to the price riddle:

Kickin Cowboy Boots –

Very Volatile 79 / Steve Madden 129 / Naturalizer 198

Everyday Uniform Boots-

Enzo 129 / Sole Society 149 / Uggs 298

Office Wear Boots – range $148 to $169

Naturalizer 148 / Sam Edelman 169

Saturday Sexy Boots – range $79 to $197

Nine West 79 / Franco Sarto 129 / Vince Camuto 197

And of course add your comments below because we love your feedback!

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