60th birthday cakeWe didn’t want you to miss the perfect feel good, tongue in cheek and tell it like it is piece this week by Dominique Browning about turning 60.

Her piece in the New York Times this past weekend got emailed around by all my buddies. We loved it, joked about it and felt gleefully connected to it. We think you will too. So if you missed it — here it is.

Also, If you haven’t read Dominique Brownings books you should.  I loved her book Slow Love about how her life changed at mid-life after her career ended and her love life shifted.  The whole title of that book is How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas and Found Happiness. Slow Love.

Here’s a start to her article this week in the New York Times:

I’m Too Old For This

by Dominique Browning

“There is a lot that is annoying, and even terrible, about aging. The creakiness of the body; the drifting of the memory; the reprising of personal history ad nauseam, with only yourself to listen.

But there is also something profoundly liberating about aging: an attitude, one that comes hard won. Only when you hit 60 can you begin to say, with great aplomb: “I’m too old for this.”

This line is about to become my personal mantra. I have been rehearsing it vigorously, amazed at how amply I now shrug off annoyances that once would have knocked me off my perch.

A younger woman advised me that “old” may be the wrong word, that I should consider I’m too wise for this, or too smart. But old is the word I want. I’ve earned it.

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