I cannot tell you how many times a week I am asked – should I or shouldn’t I?

Hosiery or no hosiery?

The most pressing request came from a client I was styling for her appearance on the Katie Couric show. In advance of her debut, we took care of the clothing, the hair, the makeup, the shoes and then…omg…what about my legs she asked? “Should I hose or not hose?” In this instance my response had to do more with Katie’s legs than my clients. “You are sitting next to a woman who is known in the industry for great legs that are always adorned with great shoes…let’s err on the side of caution here and ‘hose’ it!” We were both glad she did.

Now that said, most of us are not sharing a stage with Katie or Jennifer Aniston on any given Tuesday, so we can relax a bit, but only a bit!

Whether or not to wear hosiery remains a contested issue among women. Changes in fashion and workplace dress codes have caused some women to forgo hosiery for bare legs, while other women claim pantyhose are still essential. So who is right? The short answer – it depends!

Let’s start with the option of wearing hosiery for those with real ‘issues’ such as a conservative office dress-code – if it’s in the rules, then you must play by the rules. For others it may be a need for support, an attempt to disguise varicose veins, sun damage, or even just plain being cold 24/7.

Another consideration is, well…your legs! If you have a great pair of legs, then perhaps you accentuate the positive and bare all. However if you play co-ed soccer on the weekends and your legs are a tad banged up, or if you have a Heineken tattoo from Country Fest; the decision seems obvious – disguise those liabilities!

Hosiery, pantyhose, stockings, whatever you want to call them, have come a long way from the L’eggs Egg era where you popped out those tiny things called ‘suntan’ – a color like no suntan ever was!


Today’s options are endless, but I recommend sticking with sheer for the spring season. Link here to shop the possibilities at Nordstrom.


Thinking you’re ready to bare all?

Not so fast…preparation is required before your Spring reveal.

annistonHere’s the week #3 homework:  3 steps to traffic stopping legs!

When you get out of the shower tomorrow – look at your legs. No really – get up-close and personal with them! For the past five months they have not seen the light of day having been cloaked in leggings, skinny jeans or thigh high boots!

Step #1 Can you spell exfoliate?

Oh, must I remove that dead skin – it’s the only thing left of my vacation tan from six months ago! Eeeew – yes – it must go! Before you lather up to shave your legs, give them an exfoliating scrub down. Exfoliation sloughs off the dry, flaky skin that can prevent a close shave and it brings the hairs to the surface so that they’re easier to remove. There is no shortage of natural ‘food’ choices to do the sloughing. Pick an abrasive body scrub with ingredients such as salt, sugar or oatmeal. A scrub and a shave and you’ll be home free, trotting out your sleek, baby soft gams in no time.

Step # 2  De-fuzzing

De-fuzzing – also known as shaving. Unless you have lasered your worries away – a good shave is a requirement. Go buy a new ‘lady’ razor…come on, we here in Boston live in the land of Gillette – so no excuses! My favorite – Gillette Venus – 5 blades and a touch of Aloe for sensitive skin! You can also find swiveling ball hinges and battery operated doo-dahs, so what’s not to like? But will it make your legs look like Jennifer’s or just feel like Jennifer’s? All kidding aside…ya gotta de-pill to get anywhere near smooth. After exfoliating, shaving and showering, towel off all product and wait ten minutes until you are 100 percent dry.

Step # 3 Self Tanning

Now that you have completed steps one and two there is less chance that the self-tanner will sink into dry skin, leaving dark patches that look entirely unnatural. Now I know this sounds counter-intuitive but you actually have to moisturize your legs before you apply the self tanner otherwise your dry spots, your knees, ankles, tops of toes, etc. may darken more because they will absorb more of the product. So apply your moisturizer and go tend to other requirements – i.e. makeup, hair, laundry, letting the dog out – you choose.

Now you are ready to get tanning! This advice is critical – choose a self-tanner for your skin tone, not your desired result! Nobody gets a Coppertone tan with just one day on the beach! Make this a gradual process and the outcome will be close to perfection. Rush the project, and a Jersey Shore look may be the result!

Let’s talk product – mousses and lotions are easiest to rub in and sprays can sometimes end up not where intended. Start with each calf area and gradually stretch the lotion to the ankles and feet, applying less on the foot area. Do both calves then do both thighs, gradually stretching that product to the knees. Remember to bend your knees so you do not miss getting product in the creases (yes, we all have creases). Now go scrub your hands if you weren’t wearing plastic painters gloves when you applied the lotion.

Be patient, if it says dry for 10 minutes, wait 20. You can apply a talc-free powder on your legs to stop the tanner from staining your clothing or your sheets. Do not sweat or shower for 8 hours.

Okay – you have exfoliated, shaved, moisturized and tanned, the only thing left to do is go shoe shopping!

Need help with that? Next week is all about foot issues…I did not say fetishes…I said issues. And if we have issues, we need solutions. Stay tuned next week where you will learn more than just how to spell B.U.N.I.O.N.S.

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