Bedding technology has changed and it’s a big improvement and truly helping me get a better night’s sleep.   In my 20’s and 30’s I never thought getting a good night’s sleep would be an unattainable goal. As long as the kids slept, I slept. But menopause changed all that. After 50, the language “good night’s sleep” has been redefined.   Getting a good night’s sleep has been whittled down to a good enough sleep.

Sleep anxiety has given way to sleep strategies: sleeping for a few hours; middle of the night sweats and nightgown changes; reading and falling back to sleep; writing in the middle of the night and then sleeping.  There’s so many reasons why an uninterrupted 7 to 8 hour sleep  isn’t happening for most of us.  First the mind chatter, then the worry list, the menopausal night sweats, then the garlicky dinner or the extra glass of wine.

Taming the sleep gremlins list is too tall an order, so focusing on what can be controlled seems like the best strategy. And that brings me to my sleep obsession essentials. Once all these items are in order, I feel that I’ve done my best to ensure a good enough night’s sleep. And that’s where this new bedding technology is making a huge difference.Bamboo pillow

Bamboo in pillows:  Does your pillow bring you joy? Mine does or did. I have always loved my soft pliable feather pillow. My pet pillow is lovingly named Mush. Mush is a childhood carry over and it brings me joy!  But over the years mush has become so threadbare one can barely call it a pillow. 

So I was in the market for a new Mush. And it turns out technology has changed a great deal when it comes to soft pillows.  Bamboo has become a great sustainable feather material alternative. When I was sleeping at a friend’s house she turned me onto a bamboo pillow. I loved the material; it is soft, cozy and mushy, just like feather. I ordered a new one immediately from a company called Cozy Earth.

Apparently Oprah loves  the  Cozy Earth pillow as much as I do as I saw her endorsement on the Cozy Earth home page.  “Made from Viscose from Bamboo…Oprah described it as  buttery soft  and the “softest EVER”…Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that feels degrees cooler than cotton – Never worry about hot flashes again!”  I agree!  Happily my deflated Mush has a new cozy bedfellow.  

Signature Sheet Set

Skin Care Wellness in Sheets. I love these new sheets by Nollapelli. I interviewed the founder a few months ago. In case you missed it…..Sheets That Protect Your Skin While You Sleep: Interview With Allison Howard of Nollapelli.  If you want to know about sheet science, listen to what Allison has to say about how important the material if for your sleep, how sweaty you get and how the right material can  keep your skin from getting too dry while you sleep. If you think about it, sheets are as important as the clothing we wear and thus worth the investment. I slip into my sheets every night for a week before I wash them, so the relationship I have with my sheets is worth the focus. Some sheets make me sweat and others feel scratchy. Some wrinkle too much and others feel slippery or thin. Nollapelli sheets are amazing.


The Revolutionary Certified Organic Latex Mattress. My old mattress was 30 years old and so again, I asked my friend group for recommendations. Technology has changed the science of mattresses.  After researching several of them, I tired chose the latest technology.  What I discovered was a revolutionary mattress that comes with multiple layers. And I went for it and love it.  My new mattress by is certified organic.   It has a 3 layer system which can be stacked depending on how firm you like your mattress. It is truly the best most breathable and comfortable mattress my husband and I have ever had.  A note of caution, it was complicated to assemble (we did it ourselves), but it was worth it. Also, also, it’s  expensive. But, as I said, I can rationalize expensive as a third of our lives are spent sleeping. 

So now I have no excuses regrading my good enought sleep. I’ve invested in the latest technology and am content to tuck in every night. What happens from there on in…. well it’s a crap shoot to be sure.



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