You don’t have to give up eating healthy for Thanksgiving.

There are 29 great recipe ideas from and among them there are plenty of veggie dishes to choose from  to keep you eating healthy during what could be the most gluttonous of holidays.  We picked a few of them from delish and a few other sites but  exclusively the Cauliflower and Brussels Ones.

1. Thanksgiving Cauliflower

We are so making this one!   No potatoes…My mouth is watering watching this video.

2. Honey Balsamic Glazed Brussels

This is my favorite! Is this a veggie or a dessert?

3. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese?

Not necessarily dietetic but no pasta. This one is going to be the big crowd pleaser!

4. Roasted Brussels, Squash, Cranberries….

This one will definitely work as the perfect healthy side dish and looks quite thanksgiving-ish….

We are so up for making this one….It’s from the Low Carb Diet site Love this recipe and it’s easy (prep time 10 minutes).

6. Shaved Brussels and Shallot Saute

Bon Appetit has the best recipe for shaved brussels.

Please share your favorite Cauliflower and Brussel recipe with us  on BA50 facebook…. We all could use a little inspiration.





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