1.   You still have an aol.com email address. 

2.   You wear a watch.

3.   You have no idea what YOLO, FOMO or ICYMI mean …or if you once knew, you already forgot.

4.   You go places (like the bathroom) without your smart phone (or even worse, you don’t own a smart phone.)

no cell phone in bathroom

5.  You don’t trust your GPS, so you print out directions too.

6.  You refer to good, old fashioned, paper maps.


7.   You write full sentences in your text messages, which you end with periods. 

8.  You ask someone a question, instead of just Googling it.


9.  You always have WAY too many tabs open on your desktop.

tabs open on desktop

10. Your “GO TO” imojis are happy and sad faces, with an occasional thumbs up or down. 

More descriptive than a thumbs down, right?

Better than a thumbs down, right?

11.You use a paper ticket to get on an airplane or attend an event.

12.You change your purse to match your outfit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.48.14 PM

13. You think the APP store is a place in the mall.

14. You actually go into a bank to deposit your checks.

15. You arrive more than 2 hours before your flight.


16.You check a bag for a weekend trip to anywhere.

17.Your social media interactions start and end with Facebook.

18.You use the word “Twitter” as a verb.

19.You think a playlist is what coaches use.

20.You wake up in the morning with an old fashioned alarm clock.


21.Your children are your tech support team.

22.You use a checkbook.

23.Your conversations with your friends begin with an organ recital…how’s your heart? Your bowels? bladder? What do you hear from your liver?


24.You watch TV shows when they air.

25. You still call for a cab when you need a ride.



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