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“…When Margo Thorning was a high school student in the late 1950s, she liked to play bongo drums while listening to jazz records, but it never occurred to her to take a drum lesson. She attended college, raised two sons, and worked as a senior economic policy adviser for a Washington think tank. All the while, the urge to beat out a rhythm persisted. So three years ago, at age 70, she started taking lessons,” says Tara Bahrampour from the Washington Post, in a recent article

In case you missed it, this Washington Post article confirms that more older adults than ever are learning a new musical instrument, and they are experiencing success and pleasure from doing so (and improving their brain function at the same time!) ¬†This article is a must read if you are thinking of taking up a musical instrument at midlife…and it is very encouraging– it ¬†appears that life experience (which is not in short supply) comes in handy.

So read more here, and call that music teacher!

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