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If your adult daughter comes home for a visit with a new look– peach colored hair (or maybe hair the color of your favorite sunset)—just let her know you love the blorange!

Apparently “blorange”- a combination of blonde and orange looks great on just about everyone (warm and cool skin tones) and is the color to covet for spring of 2017.  So no doubt, you’ll be seeing it around, and now you’ll know what to call it. says, “consider this blonde-orange mash-up a first cousin to rose gold hair but peachier, ranging from softer, pastel-like tones to fiery sierra shades. It’s equal parts mesmerizing and super-stunning, and is like a subtle sunset on your head.”

And while we think it is beautiful on these models, we are pretty sure it is not going to take off with the 50 plus crowd.

What do you think?  Are you brave enough to go blorange?

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