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I’m writing this post in the middle of a true March blizzard, but by the time this post is published, it will officially be spring in New England. I know those crocuses are just aching to bloom, followed by the tulips, and not long after, it will be… (drumroll) bathing suit season. And, horror of all horrors, I am due to purchase a new suit this season!

But maybe, I am thinking…just maybe, this year…the bathing suit shopping won’t be too traumatic. After all, I made a resolution in January to eat healthier during the late afternoon/pre-dinner “bewitching” hours, where I would more often than not, scrounge my cabinets for candy, adding empty calories and making me crave even more sugar.

I resolved in January to eat healthier, include more fiber, and less sugar in my diet. And I surprised myself: I actually kept this resolution.

How? I truly believe I was able to stop my late afternoon candy bingeing because I was able to find a remarkably satisfying and healthy substitute for my sugar binge snacks in the late afternoon: a satisfying fruit smoothie that makes me feel full for hours, and basically eliminates my afternoon cravings.

I always start my smoothie with organic almond milk. I throw in some frozen banana (I buy bananas, let them mature, peel them, put them in a plastic zip lock bag, squash them with the palm of my hand and throw them in the freezer so they are ready to go.) I throw in some frozen organic berries, then add some vanilla protein powder. Sometimes I add cocoa nibs or slivered almonds at the end for a little bit of a crunch. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Well here’s my secret “sauce”: Since January, I have been adding two rounded teaspoons of either unflavored Meta Appetite Control, a fiber supplement containing 100% natural psyllium (clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals*), or Metamucil (the tried and true fiber supplement, which also contains natural psyllium) in order to not only make my smoothies more rich and creamy, but also to get a dose of the soluble fiber I need in my diet (because it makes me feel full…and staying regular is the key to happiness at midlife, is it not?)

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I think that the best product for smoothies is the Meta Appetite Control that is unflavored (it’s called a Smoothie Enhancer) but it also comes in Orange Zest and Pink Lemonade if you want to just add it to water or any other cold beverage—any time of day.

Click here for some awesome coupons and see how you like it! Take control of your cravings this spring as the snow melts, and perhaps by this summer, you just may want to head out for a new bathing suit.


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