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Thinking about retirement? Feeling old and need a jolt or a nudge to get out of your comfort zone? How about taking some risks like robbing a bank? That’s the idea in the new film Going in Style, three lifetime friends are ready to risk it all for their loved ones. It’s the grandfather of all heist films and it’ll be in theaters on April 7.

#GoingInStyle is directed by Zach Braff, starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin.

Check out this trailer for a pre-view:

Thinking about this aging thing as I was looking at the upcoming trailer for Going in Style I started to reflect on how my own life needs a jolt.

“They’re dropping like flies I said to my husband? My girlfriends are giving up biking, skiing and tennis; too many injuries, too much risk, no longer worth the effort.   Pushing past our late 50’s has slimmed the rank of adventurers.”

I’ve been trying hard not be sink into this “older, risk averse” mindset but I’m not immune.

So, on a recent ski trip after 50 plus degree weather and melting snow, my husband proposed we go biking. It sounded fine until the bike shop told us they didn’t have any regular hybrids but a new bike invention that would be fun.

They described how the bike’s pedal assist works — when you start peddling an electric system kicks in and it automatically accelerates. Uggh! That sounded more like a motorcycle posing as a bicycle.

“Too fast, too risky, there’s still snow and gravel on the road side, I’m not familiar with this,” I thought.

“This is brilliant, looks like a lot of fun…we’ll do it,” exclaimed my husband.

My heart rate started accelerating and I was feeling unsure.

“We could get out-of-control, sounds like it’s a super fast machine. Did you check the weather, it’s Colorado after all and when is that storm coming in? Temperatures are going to drop a lot.” I was in free fall with fear.

“You’re going to love it my husband told me.”

I didn’t want to be “that” old lady full of fear so I said yes. I went out of my comfort zone big time.

I followed my husband along the bike path for 5 miles then onto a major thorough fare and down a winding canyon road past people carrying skis home from the slopes as the temperature started dropping by fifteen degrees.

“I’m freezing – maybe we should turn around this is insane,” I yelled at his back.

My husband ignored me and peddled on.

Racing up hills knowing we were assisted but we were still working hard – it was an incredibly powerful ride. The harder we peddled the faster we went because the electric assist responded so seamlessly.

Survived a risky ride

During that 22 mile round trip from Edwards, Colorado to Minturn we were averaging 23 miles an hour. There were huge hills but we were flying up them. The bikes were like magic carpets.

When we dismounted I was over the moon.. heart racing not from fear but from an awesome adrenaline high. It was the most thrilling experience ever.

I gave Bill a bear hug and he looked me squarely in the eye. “You need to get out of your comfort zone more often.”

“Thank you…you are so right.”

I felt like a kid, giddy, confident and empowered.


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