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“You look so beautiful.  Did you have Botox?” Ronna asked her friend over lunch one day.

“I did something better than Botox,” her friend told her.  “I’ve been getting eyelash extensions. I’m addicted. It changed my life. You can leave the house without a stitch of makeup and you look great.”

Weeks later…Felice and Ronna were sitting at Ronna’s kitchen table working.  Felice started staring intently at Ronna’s face, which Ronna thought was a bit weird.

“You look fantastic,” Felice said.  “I thought you were done with Botox.”

Ronna just smiled at her.

“Really…What did you do?  You’re eyes look great.  You look so awake!”

“I’ve actually been up since 4 AM…but I’ve got a new beauty secret that makes me look like I got eight hours.”

“OMG, I’m in.  What’s the deal?”

The deal is….eyelash extensions, and we believe that they’re the best beauty investment out there.

Felice and Ronna are now regulars at Lash L’Amour, in Newton, MA (they also have a downtown location in Back Bay… and they won Best of Boston 2016 Eyelash Extension Spa) Everywhere we go, our friends are commenting about how great we look…and we are happy to tell them why.

We love our eyelash extensions.

Here’s how they work:  the synthetic, ultra-fine lashes, are individually adhered to the person’s real lashes, one-by-one, which prevents the lashes from sticking together, creating a high impact, glamorous look– while still looking natural.  It turns out, we actually have 30-80 lashes on each of our eyes– so the process takes a while.

We found that the initial set of lashes took about 90 minutes to attach.  Lying on a massage type bed, they make you as comfortable as possible, but it can make some people (Felice) a little anxious– because you are not allowed to open your eyes during the process (unless you absolutely need a break.)  We recommend you not drink a lot of coffee beforehand, and perhaps bring your phone and a headset to chill out.  Felice put her head space meditation app on repeat, and Ronna zoned out with a book tape and fell deeply asleep.

Lash L’Amour is a trusted eyelash extension spa– and when you are messing with your eyes, you want to make sure you go to the best.  We both got the Classic Natural set for $195.  Now, every two and half to three weeks, we go back for a lash extension refill (which takes about an hour), for $85.  This is an investment of time and money, no question, but we think it’s worth it.

Here’s the cost saving trade-off:  neither of us are wearing mascara, and now leaving the house without any makeup at all…well, that’s just the best!  We look fantastic (at least that’s what our friends tell us…)  And with no mascara, we don’t wake up in the morning looking like raccoons.

We are so excited that Lash L’Amour is a sponsor of SHE DID IT/Boston and will be at our event on May 17, 2017.  Register for the event, and you will automatically be entered to win a 30 minute eyelash extension at lunch time.  All attendees will also get a discount coupon!

For more information on eyelash extensions for Lash L’Amour, check out their website, follow them on Twitter @lashlamour and like them on facebook.

This is a BA50 sponsored post, but we sure do love our eyelashes!

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