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  • I was asked to participate in the #EyeOpeningMoments campaign, sponsored by VSP. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

“I love those glasses,” I said to my friend.

They were edgy eye bobs with a great trim.

Bye Bye Readers

“Yeah, they’re cool and arty and the price is right. I only wear them when I’m at restaurants, but I’m beginning to think I need “real” glasses.”

“I so get that,” I laughed. “When I turned 55, I had one of those #EyeOpeningMoments.

I’d always squinted my way through menus and prescription bottle instructions but I can’t get away with it any longer. Plus, I have this freckle in my eye I was thinking maybe it’s getting bigger and it’s not a freckle.

I finally made an appointment for an eye exam when I realized my health plan covered annual eye exams. I was nervous to go.

It turned out the exam was no big deal and I actually needed more than drugstore impulse reading glasses I mindlessly stuff between my lipstick and chewing gum.

I actually have to focus… ha ha…on scheduling annual eye exams now. I have an astigmatism in just one eye and it needs to be monitored. My freckle is still just a freckle but my eyesight…well that’s more of an issue. I was lucky that my Blue Cross Insurance covered the exam and a portion of the glasses.”

“Whoa,” I probably should get an exam too but my insurance doesn’t cover it so I’m going to squint my way forward as long as I can bear it.”

“Oh wow, I just heard about VSP® Vision Care, and you should definitely look into it or you can just watch a bit about it on YouTube:

It’s reasonable once you look at how much you actually would pay out of pocket for an eye exam and glasses. It covers your annual visit to the optometrist and your glasses too. When we change insurance plans, I’m going to get VSP because the price is right and now I know I need a regular check up.”

“My friend doesn’t have VSP and her eye exam in New York City costs $600. She wears contacts and glasses and she doesn’t get any money off for her prescriptions. She says she spends over $2,000 a year on her glasses and check-ups. Isn’t that outrageous?”

“Ok, I’m going to schedule an appointment,” my friend said,  “and then we can go glasses shopping. Show me some those photos of the glasses you were thinking of…


“Which one’s do you like?”

My favorite: Oliver Peoples

Mykita prescription sunglasses

Scojo is the brand..I kinda like these

Face A Face Paris



This is a BA50 #sponsored post.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of VSP. The opinions and text are all mine.

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