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So you recently retired and are in the midst of enjoying your first uninterrupted period of work-free lifestyle since your early teenage years. First of all, congratulations! Retirement is a significant milestone for anyone and is always something worthy of celebration. Secondly, though, what’s next?


This question is probably something you have been asking yourself with increasing regularity since you retired. Perhaps you are trying to fight it by telling yourself to enjoy your freedom. Or maybe you are starting to get a little bit bored. After all, when you’ve been working every day for the past 40 or 50 years, moving on to a life without work can be a tough adjustment.


Vacations and trips can provide a terrific way to fill up your year and give you big events to anticipate. Whether you are planning to visit family and friends (always a worthy use of time) or explore locales you’ve never seen before, travel is the perfect way to fill up all of that extra time you have now.


The Benefits of Vacations for Retired Individuals


So what are the particular advantages of vacations for older adults who have now retired? Here are a few of the core benefits:


  • Vacations disrupt the routine: During your work years, you naturally fall into a daily routine. You get up at the same time every day, eat the same breakfast; take the same drive to work, work the same job, and interact with the same co-workers. Routines like these are somewhat necessary to be functional and practical in your job each day. However, post-retirement, routines can have the opposite effect. Perhaps you find your routine boring now that you don’t have work to fill up eight hours of your day. Maybe you are being asked to babysit grandchildren, or pet-sit for your friends or neighbors while they are at work. Either way, you deserve a break from your routine as much as you always have, a vacation is a perfect way to get it.
  • They give you a chance to spend time with your spouse (or friends, family, and other loved ones): One of the best things about vacations, at any age, is that they give you a chance to share unforgettable experiences with your loved ones. Getting away with your spouse as a retiree can be as romantic as it is at any age. Taking vacations with kids or grandkids is also an excellent way to make memories, while planning trips with your fellow retirees can be a chance to appreciate the true, boundless freedom of post-retirement life. Regardless of who you travel with, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that vacationing together strengthens relationships.
  • Vacations are good for you: After retirement, you might not need a vacation for stress-relief like you did when you were working every day. Still, studies indicate that the health benefits of vacations are numerous and far-reaching. Getting out and exploring the world can help you sleep better, improve your mood, and give you a happier and more contented outlook on life. Going away for a few days and letting go of your worries can do wonders for your health, and might even help you live longer.


  • You get to keep experiencing new things: For all we complain about it, work is good for how it continually presents us with challenges and pushes us to learn new things. After retirement, vacationing is a great replacement for this essential quality of life. Exploring the attractions of new locales gives you a chance to experience and learn new things. Visit a foreign country and learn snippets of their language and culture, or stay domestic and experience some of the most famous attractions in the country.


  • You finally have time: One of the best things about vacationing after retirement is that you finally have time. When you are working a full-time job, work restrictions dictate how many vacation days you get each year. When you are retired, your time is limitless, which can give you the freedom to take all of those trips you only dreamed of when you were younger.


Another benefit of taking trips after retirement is that, hopefully, money is no longer as much of a concern as it used to be. Now, you can enjoy the finer things in life, from the best restaurants to the best bottles of wine, all the way to the most luxurious hotels. Not that you need to spend big to find a great hotel. Westgate Lakes Resort, for instance, affords you with the opportunity to enjoy Orlando, Florida in luxury—all for a very reasonable nightly rate!


In any case, wherever you go and whichever hotel you choose, we wish you most fulfilling post-retirement vacation possible. Good luck and bon voyage!


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