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While this post has been sponsored by Life Reimagined, the ideas and opinions of this piece are my own.


What's next? I'm ready for help to get me going!

What’s next? I’m ready for help to get me going!

Maybe it’s being on the other side of 55, but it seems that the topic of retirement comes up more and more frequently at dinner conversations with friends and family these days: What do you want to do in retirement? What does a day in your retired life look like? Do you plan on retiring fully or keeping your toe in the game? Will you be traveling the world on a sailboat, or will it give you more joy to be at home experimenting with new recipes and taking your grandchildren to theatre? Are you comfortable doing something totally out of the box, or do you want to stay in your comfort zone? If you had all day to do anything you want, what would you do?

In other words, What Are Your (drum roll…) PASSIONS? And once you find your passions, how do you make them work for you in retirement?

Don’t have a clue? Welcome to the club of millions of women and men who start getting indigestion when the retirement questions start flowing at dinner!

If there is one thing I know, I can't be spending my entire retirement knitting...just a portion of it!

If there is one thing I know, I can’t be spending my entire retirement knitting…just a portion of it!

Figuring out these big questions is not easy. It is the rare individual who one day wakes up and has an epiphany. For most of us, the answers don’t come without a great deal of self-reflection and perhaps even some coaching. But if you are like me, while I see the benefit of seeking advice from others, I don’t want to spend the time or money on a professional coach, and I wouldn’t know the right coach to trust. After all, who are the experts in figuring out what’s next? “Life coaches?” They’re a dime a dozen.

A few weeks ago, I came across the Life Reimagined website (and even if the thought of that red and white AARP card arriving in the mail gave you pause, you’ll still like this website.) While I was completely skeptical that it could help me focus in on what my retirement would look like, it turns out, I shouldn’t have been. It worked…or at the very least, it started getting me thinking seriously about what I love to do, what I care about, and what my purpose might be. It gave me the nudge I needed, and I’m beginning to figure it out. It’s a process, but at least I’ve begun it.

The idea here (and this part is completely free…so it’s a no brainer) is to come up with a purpose statement that you can turn into realistic goals for retirement. It’s practical, it’s fun, and it’s easy…and you can even dream a bit! Through a series of questions, you discover your individual gifts, you prioritize your values, and figure out what kind of an impact you’d like to make and on whom (your family? yourself? your community?) There is no judgment. You can be completely honest. I loved it. Click here to check it out and receive a free 14-day trial and 30-minute online coaching session with a certified Life Reimagined coach of your choice.

If you could do anything you wanted to do at your next stage…what would it be? Click here to help you start thinking about it and begin to develop a plan for what’s next in your life!

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