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The compliment I get most often these days is, “You have a beautifully sClearistahaped head.”  Because I am bald due to chemo treatments, there is little joy in that compliment. But I can wrap my head around the second most common compliment I get these days:  “your skin looks beautiful.” I have been told that by friends, on more than a few occasions, even when I am not wearing any makeup. I credit this to my dedication to two Clearista products— the Clearista retexturizing gel and the Clearista refining pen.

It has been a priority of mine to keep my skin healthy and hydrated throughout my breast cancer treatments.  Many women had informed me that chemo “does a number” on their skin, along with their hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails.  But I have been giving my skin some love and special treatment.  I use Clearista Gel and the Clearista Refining Pen daily, and my skin feels hydrated, soft, and smooth, and it looks fantastic. My hair may be non-existent and I can’t do much about that, but my skin is beautiful!

Clearista was developed by Skincential Sciences, a company committed to creating the best skin care products by fusing advanced biotechnology (“hydrophilic surfactants and stabilizers”) with skin solutions.  If you haven’t heard about the ClearistaPRO pen already, you will soon.  The PRO pen is currently being used by dermatologists and skin care professionals around the country (especially the west coast) to address brown spots (SKs.) You have to check out how well the product works on youtube  –and it will also be featured on The Doctors TV show on March 14.  It’s pretty incredible- you can watch it here!

Less media attention has been given to Clearista’s consumer products: the Clearista Retexturizing Gel and the Clearista Refining pen.  These are both amazing products for home use.  I wrote about how I radically improved the condition of my skin in 6 weeks with the Clearista gel last April, and I have continued to use the product since that time, with great results. I recently added the Clearista Refining Pen to my daily regimen, even though when it comes to bedtime routines, I have always been a minimalist.  The time you put in with these products is worth it.

clearista penThe Clearista Refining Pen is not meant to erase brown spots completely (brown spots should be looked at by a dermatologist, of course.) The Pen solution is for blemishes, dry or rough patches, and fine lines.  It is a liquid, which works in conjunction with a highlighter-like applicator at one end of the pen that allows for more pressure to specific problem areas.  After I cleanse my skin, I use the tip of the pen to rub problem areas for about a minute, and I twist the bottom of the pen to apply more solution to keep the pen tip moist, and continue to rub gently with the tip until the blemish or problem area begins to looks better.  It is very satisfying.

Used together, these products result in a gentle resurfacing or re-texturing of the skin surface (one happy user described the Clearista products as “microdermabarsion in a bottle,”) which leads to more vibrant skin …you know, that “I woke up like this” look.  I even get compliments on my skin when I am at the gym- without a stitch of makeup.

I have been very happy with the Clearista products, and I believe that you will be too.  And I’m not alone- check out this infographic for what others have said in clinical trials:

Consumer Data Graphic

For a short time, Clearista is offering a 15% discount on all its products to BA50 readers.  Just use code BA50 at checkout!  It is definitely worth a try to improve the look and feel of your skin. 

Don’t wait—this offer will expire on April 14, 2016.  

While the opinions here are my own, this is a BA50 Sponsored post.

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