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spilled cerea;Reading magazines this week, I learned that: 

Every 34 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack.

(AARP Magazine 3/16)

Mike Love is considered one of the biggest assholes in the history of rock & roll.

(Rolling Stone, 2/26/16) 

At least half a dozen people have tried to kill Michael Moore.

(Rolling Stone, 2/26/16)

Kirk Douglas and his pals have a betting game in which they try to guess the average age of death in the Sunday New York Times obituary column each week. 

(AARP Magazine 3/16) 

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Apes never sleep in the same place two nights in a row.

(Real Simple, 1/16)

Last December, Lady Gaga’s record label gave her a horse. 

(Rolling Stone, 2/25/16)

Phil Collins used to own Davie Crockett’s musket.

(Entertainment Weekly, 2/26/16)

Sumner Redstone, 92, attributes his longevity, in part, to eating blueberries every day. 

(The New Yorker, 2/22/16)

Women cry two to five times a month. Men cry once every two months.

(Time, 3/7/16)

The most popular time for crying is from 7:00 to 10:00 in the evening. 

(Time, 3/7/16) 

A lock of John Lennon’s hair is worth $35,000.

(Time, 3/7/16)

Women who keep processed cereal on their counter tops weigh 21 pounds more than women who keep it stored out of sight. 

(Prevention, 1/16) 

The fear of being without your phone is called Nomophobia.

(Prevention, 1/16) 

Washing dishes can reduce your level of stress and anger by 27% if you do it mindfully, focusing on the scent of the soap, the warmth of the water and how the dishes feel.

(Prevention, 1/16) 

Married people survive heart attacks more often than single people.

(Time, 3/7/16)

A 33-year old British man recently changed his name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

(Time, 3/7/16)


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