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leaving the partyWeddings and honeymoons can drain a bank account faster than a student downs a cold one on a summer afternoon, so your bachelorette party might need to be a cheap and cheerful affair. That doesn’t mean it can’t be great fun – here’s 10 ways of enjoying a low-budget event.


At the local

A well-known ‘figure’ in the local pub might want to stay close to home for their big night, and the owner will surely put together a spectacular night of debauchery. Plan early and possibly pay for a lock-in, with games, videos and naughtiness as well as a good spread of food.


Garden camping/glamping

To some, the very idea of camping is horrifying. To others it’s a brilliant way of being at one with nature, especially for a bride with a sense of adventure and free spirit. The steps are: find a big garden from one of the bridal party, make sure no men are present, get some buckets of ice and some wine, and have a laugh over games. It’s also a good way of letting children take part (sans wine of course).



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Of course, none of you will be cooking; a hired man-servant will do the actual work. The bride gets to call the shots on menu, alcohol, guests and itinerary. The Australian Barbecue Alliance is just as beautiful as it sounds – for inspirational recipe ideas click here.


Games night

Board games, drinking games, even video games: the choice is yours. Bingo cards of banned words with a drinking penalty are mandatory no matter whether the games take place on the go across favourite haunts or in a guest’s home.


An evening show

Music, comedy or even a trip to the cinema, are all relatively cheap ways of spending one of your remaining days of freedom in the company of friends. Co-ordinating the event so that it is one that appeals to everyone could be tricky, but ultimately it’s the bride’s choice.


Food night

A way of treating yourself to foods that you wouldn’t normally try: each member of the party brings a dish, or party addition, or cocktail, or game, and you put them all together into one fantastic party. Decide on a theme if necessary, or just go for pot luck and see what their imagination pours forth.


Themed dress

A night out in matching rugby or Aussie rules kits shows solidarity and points out the various roles of the troublemakers. If sport isn’t your bag, then how about photo t-shirts from Photobox, each showing the bride to be in her most glorious light, obviously.


Horse racing

Sounds expensive? The key is to reassure everyone that they do not NEED a new dress, that they do not need to eat at the course, and that buying champagne is NOT mandatory. How much everyone gambles is down to their own conscience, of course…


Male stripper

To be enjoyed at a bar or within the confines of a private party, bringing a strapping six-footer and six-packer into the bachelorette party is inexpensive and downright naughty, but very nice at the same time.


Pamper evening

Rather than turning everyone into drunken messes, why not travel in completely the opposite direction and turn the attendants into the best they can be via smellies, perfumes, canapés, bubbly and various other treatments in the comforting surroundings of your own home.


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