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lubrigyn for vaginal drynessA great group of friends came over for lunch the other day and it didn’t take long for us to start delving into our “hot” topics.

We span the 50 spectrum from age 49 to 61. Our touch points were kids, downsizing ourselves and our homes, work and, of course, our relationships, which is code for sex. We also talked about our changing bodies as it related to our men.

There may have been a few side conversations going on up til this point, but when I served up the words “vaginal dryness,” I had everyone’s full attention.

No matter how I tried to tiptoe around it, I came out and asked the question: “Does anyone have issues with vaginal dryness, because a company asked me to test its product, which is supposed to help.”

A hush came over the table, but not for long. A friend bravely shared her experience:

“Sex isn’t fun because I’m so uncomfortable all the time now. I talked to my doctor to find out what to do about being so dry.”

“Yes,” another joined in. “It can’t believe how dry I am, too. I’ve tried a few products my doctor recommended.”

“The samples I got are called Lubrigyn, made by Uniderm, a company based in Rome,” I told my friends. “It’s marketed as a relief for vaginal dryness, and is supposed to provide long-lasting lubrication and supplement natural moisture. It’s been successfully selling across Europe since 2004.

“If we’re still using conventional soap and body wash to clean our most intimate area, the company says we’re stripping away the fragile hydrolipid film that protects our delicate skin. This makes us vulnerable to irritation, dryness and discomfort, which isn’t sexy or healthy,” I informed everyone.

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lubrigynlotionEnter Lubrigyn Lotion, a creamy, lubricating, moisturizing and cleansing formula, which can be used everyday, in the shower as a regular soap substitute, or applied with a tissue, without water. I read the ingredients out loud, which sounded like a spa menu: Sweet almond, jojoba and olive oils, chamomile and aloe vera. The lotion also contains sodium hyaluronate that is said to attract and hold on to water.

lubrigyncreamBesides the lotion, I told my pals about Lubrigyn Cream for sex, which the company says is “all natural, odorless and tasteless.”

“Who wants to test these?” I asked, and they all reached out to grab them. Sadly, I didn’t have enough product for everyone, but those who did get them promised to share the results.

Here’s what they said:
“Loved the vaginal lubrication cream.”
“Loved the texture of the product.”
“The cream feels clean and it’s odorless”
“Sex was way more comfortable.”
“It feels natural to use, almost like cream for dry skin.”
“I loved the cleansing lotion. I am definitely going to use it every day.”

I guess it’s a no brainer to try and see what you think, but it looks like most of our little group will be adding Lubrigyn to their arsenal of body products.

Click here to buy it if you want to shop now.

This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, a new way to keep moisture where it belongs. All opinions are my own!

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