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Do you have brown spots on your skin? Do you want to get rid of them? Is your skin looking older than you want it to?

Most of our friends have these skin issues, and we wanted to cut through all the “BS,” the old wives tales and claims of magic potion remedies.

So, BA50 Publisher Felice Shapiro interviewed the one of New York’s finest plastic surgeons for his opinion: Dr. Philip J. Miller of Gotham Plastic Surgery.

Here’s what Dr. Miller had to say about brown spots and BA50 skin– watch this 4 minute interview and learn what you could do to get rid of the brown spots and have your skin looking fresher and younger.

Felice loved talking with Dr. Philip J. Miller, and thinks other BA50 women would too. “He is honest, open , knowledgeable and easy to talk to and he totally gets what ‘our’ skin concerns and issues are. If you are thinking about doing any facial work you will definitely want to set up a consult.

Your consult with Dr. Miller is a no-brainer – getting educated about your skin options is essential to your next steps. Click here to contact Dr. Miller for a consult. You’ll get a free skin moisturizer from him just for showing up.

This is the first in a series of interviews with Dr. Miller and Felice to learn more about our skin and our options. Stay-tuned as we try to answer many of our BA50 readers questions about how we can put our best face forward.

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