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On the heels of Kim Kardashian’s expose last week, I was thinking about personal style and what is is:  who has it, who doesn’t; who tries too hard and who need to try harder. It’s easy to put on an outfit, but if the components aren’t suited to your body, coloring and attitude, it just isn’t going to work. Maybe it all comes down to being comfortable in your own skin, although a well tailored dress or stunning bag can make almost anyone emotionally comfortable and stylish (kidding…!)  One fashion issue with being on the dark side of 50 is dressing too old or too young.  There is a fine line between the two, and finding the balance that works for you personally can be somewhat of a challenge.

I could go on for hours about bad styling and poor fashion choices, but we’re all a bit crunched for time this week with the pending onslaught of the holidays and trips to the airport to retrieve tired, hungry and cranky children and relatives. So for a quick and easy read let’s have a brief slide show of 50+ celebrities who are nailing it style wise.  Oh, and I’ve opted to eliminate all the red carpet shots – anyone can get their groove on when there is a posse of professionals tending to the details…it’s the Starbucks runs and street shots from paparazzi that tell the real story:

Michelle Pheiffer:  Is there anything more stylish than a classic trench and sheath dress?  She looks simple, elegant and un-fussy.

719070-michelle-pfeiffer-580x0-2Ellen Barkin:  Sure she looks a bit grouchy here, but the coat…yum…the shoes…yes…and once the coat is off, the bag and shoes take your basic black to a whole new dimension.


Jamie Lee Curtis: Talk about being comfortable in her own skin…I wish I had the bone structure to pull off her pixie cut…which is beautifully accented with her simple and monochromatic outfit.  The bag is awesome too….1a94423424da0f7b5b13aa77011b5fa0

Sigourney Weaver: This does look a bit styled and posed, but back to the red/black combination…it’s elegant and chic and makes a statement of confidence and arrival.8404080121_edddeb9605_c

Julianne Moore:  She gets two thumbs up…one for the awesome bag and the other for knowing how to dress for her coloring.


Michelle Pheiffer again:  What is more basic than a black swear and jeans?  The boots are fabulous.  She looks so effortless.michelle_pfeiffer_7_reference

Tilda Swinton: She is simply a work of art…elevating the (not so) basic blazer, scarf and cropped trousers to a new level.0f16df0e228de32df522f824b23188ab And then there is my personal favorite:  Helen Mirren.  When I grow up I want to be Helen Mirren.  She’s well into her 60s and has more style and panache than most people I know.  And I MUST have this dress…and jacket…and clutch…the whole look makes me think about cutting and dying my hair and moving to England….helen-mirren-in-a-leopard-dolce-gabbana-maxi-dress-with-a-leather-biker-jacket



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