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I love leopard print. It’s fun and funky and classic and works from head to toe and on every accessory imaginable.

I even had leopard print carpet installed in my office a few years ago.  That being said, it troubles me deeply that these (among many) elegant animals are hunted and killed for our fashion and decorating pleasure.  I’m a huge proponent of animal rights and animal rescue, and it crosses my mind that I’m a hypocrite every time I don a spotted outfit.

But don them I do, and I find that every season the black and tan spots somehow work their magic in my closet.

Apparently a lot of people with more fashion sense and savvy than I have feel the same way.  Spots were all over the place at New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.  And they continue to be the print of choice for designers that range from the everyday to the once in a lifetime.

A classic trench in a a leopard print will make every outfit that much more interesting:

Paris Fashion Week Street Style image courtesy of Pinterest

Paris Fashion Week Street Style image courtesy of Pinterest

Or how about a black tie event made sexier with a touch of the wild:

Naeem Khan at NYFW, Getty Images

Naeem Khan at NYFW, Getty Images

Color saturated or black and white, you can never have too many spots:5521a135b0dc0145e150afdbf5b93e14

What’s not to love about a Celine tote in an animal print?:


Celine Luggage Mini Tote image courtesy of

Or a simple clutch for day and night:


Claire Vivier Leopard Print Foldover Clutch Image courtesy of

Do you like your heels high…?:

Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Or low…? (these were featured on our 6 Awesome Shoes For Fall)

Sam Edelman Slips Image courtesy of Pinterest

Sam Edelman Slips Image courtesy of Pinterest

And then there are my personal favorites:

Charlotte OlympiaKitty Flats, image courtesy of

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats, image courtesy of

There is just something about leopard print that makes me more excited about what I’m wearing or carrying.I feel sophisticated yet carefree, pulled together- yet wild.  Leopard print works in so many situations, and with so many styles, that it is a staple for millions of women.

But I still feel like I’m doing a disservice to the big cats when I adopt their look. Perhaps if we can all take a minute or two every time we wear an animal print to think about doing something positive for wild animals or the planet we can ultimately make the world a slightly better place.

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